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6 Card Charlie Rule in Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular of all casino games in the world - as players try to get as close to 21 as possible… and beat the banker. However, there's a lesser-known part of the game - the Blackjack 6-Card Charlie rule. But what exactly is this, and how does it work?

Well, in this guide, we’ll be covering what the 6-card rule in blackjack is, what games it applies to, and how it affects the blackjack house edge, so you can see if this is just the 6 card trick for you.

What is the 6-card Rule In Blackjack?

The Blackjack 6 Card Rule - also known as the Six Card Charlie Rule, is a special blackjack rule that varies from one casino to another, from one game to another. Essentially, in these blackjack rules, 6 cards can win you the game no matter what (Even if you don't have natural blackjack) - as long as you manage to draw six cards without going bust (going over 21).

In this case, you will automatically win the round, no matter what the dealer has. As you can imagine, In terms of blackjack rules, this is one of the most advantageous of all - as it is another way to win without having to rely solely on the traditional way of simply beating the dealer's hand.

Whether or not you can use the Blackjack 6 Card Charlie Rule very much depends on the specific casino or game. Some casinos automatically make it part of their standard blackjack rules, while others steer clear of it completely - which is why it's important to check the Blackjack rules, 6 Card Charlie Rules, and any other game-specific rules before you play.

Here's how the rule works:

Drawing Six Cards: If you are dealt with a low hand and can draw six cards without busting, then you will automatically win the round, even if the dealer has a strong hand.

Dealer's Hand: The dealer's hand is irrelevant in this case - whether the dealer has a great hand or they bust, if you have a 6 Card Charlie, you always win

So, for example, you are dealt a hand of 2 and 3. You then draw 3 more cards of 5, 2, 3 and 1. In this case, you will have a hand of 6 cards that haven’t gone over 21… and no matter what the dealer has, you win. Generally, the 6-card rule adds an interesting twist to the traditional blackjack game - and gives you an extra chance of winning. However, remember that not all casinos and games use this rule, so always check the rules before you play to see if you can play the 6-Card Charlie.

Which Games of Blackjack is the 6-card Rule Applied to?

The 6 card blackjack rules vary from one casino to another and depend on what particular variation of the game you are playing. This rule isn’t universally used in all variants - so here, we'll look at the blackjack games most likely to use the 6 Card Charlie Rule and where you’re more likely to find it.

Classic Blackjack: You’ll find that in most traditional or classic variations of blackjack, such as European Blackjack or Vegas Strip Blackjack, the 6-card rule isn’t a standard feature. You will normally need to stick to the standard rules of trying to beat the dealer in this game.

Pontoon: On the other hand, Pontoon is a blackjack variation where the 6-card Rule often comes into play. In this game, if you manage to draw six cards without busting, you’ll automatically win. What’s more, Pontoon often offers more favourable rules for players - not just the Blackjack 6 card rule, making it a popular choice for blackjack lovers.

Spanish 21: Spanish 21 is another blackjack variant where you may come across the 6-card rule. This game is usually played with a unique deck that has all the 10 cards removed - which increases the house edge. So, to balance this out, they have the 6-card rule in place to give you better odds.

Online Blackjack: When you’re playing online, whether or not it is a 6-card rule blackjack game often depends on the casino. Some online blackjack games use the rule - while others stick to the traditional rules, so make sure you read the rules and terms of the online blackjack game you choose to see whether or not the rule applies.

It’s important to remember that the 6-card rule isn’t available in all blackjack games. So, if you are looking to take advantage of this rule, look for specific blackjack variants - such as those found in online blackjack. However, you should always double-check the rules of the game anyway, just to check.

6-Card Rule House Edge

In terms of blackjack rules, the 6-card Rule has quite a big impact on the house edge in blackjack when it is in play - because it can significantly reduce the house edge - hence why it is so popular with players.

In traditional blackjack, without the 6-card rule, the house advantage can vary depending on the specific game and casino rules, but it is usually somewhere between 0.5% to 2%, which is pretty low anyway. However, if the 6-card Rule is applied, the house edge is even lower, making the game one of the best of all casino games.

With the 6-card Rule in place, you have two ways of winning instead of one. Normally, being dealt two low cards would be considered a weak hand. However, this rule means that you can potentially salvage what would have been a losing hand and turn it into a winning one.

The exact impact on the house edge will vary depending on what specific blackjack variation you’re playing and the other rules in play. That being said, in games such as Pontoon or Spanish 21, where the 6-card blackjack rules are pretty standard, the house edge is quite often lower than in more traditional games.

Ultimately, the 6-card blackjack rule can offer a different way to approach the game as a player, as well as offering different odds. It reduces the house edge, adds an extra element to certain blackjack variations - and is an interesting twist on an already popular game. You can also potentially find variations of this rule, with some blackjack games, including 5 Card Charlie and Seven Card Charlie.