Classic Slots

The category of classic slots brings about the best that the world of slots has to offer. Thanks to years of innovation and design, the range of classic slots available has grown significantly, offering something for each player.

All about Classic slots games

The atmosphere inside a real casino can have a profound effect on slot players; from the clinking sound of coins to the loud buzzing of slot machines, it can seem like a different world. At 21.co.uk, we know that players might search for similar elements now that times have changed and mobile slots are so popular. Here, you can find some of the best classics, including those that have gone from physical venues to online platforms.

What are classic slots?

The history of slots dates back to 1894 when Charles Fey made what has come to be known as the first slot machine, which had three spinning reels and one single pay line. This machine was known as the liberty bell and is what all online and land-based slots are made in the image of.

We call them classic slots because of their similarities to the liberty bell and what it evolved into over many years in land-based casinos. Players of these slots would deal with classic fruit symbols, and similar images such as bars, stars, bells, and sevens in all different capacities and designs. Since then, slots have evolved into much more, and now you have a much broader range of classical slots to select from. These include slot games that have made a name for themselves over the years, with some even making an appearance in physical slot machines.

Online classic slots

All online casinos offer classic slots in some capacity, but they're not all the same. Most classic slots will indeed offer a traditional layout, where paylines are minimal and range from just one single payline to three paylines per spin, but that does not mean that there aren't any classic slots with 5x3 reels, or no scatter symbols.

Among the list of the best classic slots, you will find a combination of fruit-themed slots and those which have broken boundaries with their designs and gameplay features.

Browse from the extensive range of classical slots available to play at 21.co.uk, ranging across various themes and reel designs.

Bonus Features in Classic Slots

Some classic online slots have been known to give a progressive jackpot, or even scatter symbols, while still sticking to the principles that made them great. Certain games offer classic slot features such as multipliers or the occasional respin, too.

When you consider classics like Starburst and Book of Dead, the bonus features aren't complex. Instead, they make use of great designs and incorporate these bonuses naturally and in line with the theme of the game.

Why choose classic casino slots?

It's no lie that video slots are great for features and variety, but you can't forget the finesse of a classic slot. Since this genre is what started slot games off as popular casino games, the simplicity is almost refreshing to see in modern-day slots. So we recommend this style of slot game for our online casino players, as a break from the abundance of video slots. Taking a step back to admire the classics is something we can all do from time to time.

How do classic slots work?

Back to the basics, classic slot machines play as simple as possible. Stake your bet on the slots like you would with any other online slot game, then watch the reels spin and hope for winning combinations of symbols. As we already mentioned, classic slot games usually only have between one pay line and three paylines, though this is not exclusive. Some have bonus features like multipliers, and usually, the base payouts for these symbols can be quite good. These are the features that can offer big win potential without the need for bells and whistles.

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