Fruit Slots

Fruit slots are some of the oldest and most traditional slot machine games found in the world of online casino. One of the most loved themes to grace online slots, these types of games have become a cornerstone of modern casinos, and many video slots now take inspiration from these traditional games.

What are Fruit Slots?

Fruit machine slots are some of the oldest casino games. Gaining popularity even before land-based casinos in Vegas, these games often follow a traditional format operating across a three-reel setup. Featuring some of the most iconic symbols that players will find on slot reels, including bells, cherries, and the number 7. Now many casino slot machine games found within this theme draw inspiration from the first-ever slot to be created, and if players are looking for a simple slot that plays on the classics, then this is the category for you.

History of Fruit Slots

Mechanical slot machines were first invented back in 1894 by Charles Fey. However, it was his second machine, the Liberty Bell, which included the bell symbol as the highest paying, that has become the backdrop of the modern fruit machines that are played today.

Following that first slot game, the next advancement in fruit slots history came in 1907. Here players saw the introduction of symbols such as lemons, plums, and cherries, and we find those symbols in many of the casino slots which now feature in our collection of games.

Thanks to the legalisation of gambling in 1931, fruit slots became even more popular. By the 1960s, with the resurgence of gambling and Las Vegas becoming the casino city, the first electromechanical slot with an automatic payout was developed.

However, in the UK, the use of fruit machines was slightly different to that of the US, as the machines needed to include an element of control, such as nudge and hold buttons. Following their introduction, these game controls remain an integral part of the modern fruit slots online we see today.

The Move of Fruit Slots to Online Casino

Although the land-based fruit slots are still popular, the move of casinos to an online setting further helped increase their growth and popularity. Even though there are more bells and whistles now attached to fruit slots online, the base elements of the popular fruit, diamonds, and 7's can still be found littered across the reels of many casino games.

The Modern Twist to Online Fruit-Themed Slots

When glancing through the many available slot games at an online casino, players may question whether a game is classed as a fruit machine. Many have undergone modifications, such as bonus features, to make them more immersive and attractive. This means the classification of a fruit machine has changed somewhat, focusing more on the symbols used to give them the label of a fruit slot.

Why are Fruit Machine Slots So Popular?

There are many reasons slot machine themes have become so popular. One is because they still use traditional symbols and formats. They're ordinarily bright, which attracts players. Although the traditional casino games tend not to feature many bonuses or additional rounds, this simplistic nature helps them stand out from their counterparts and appeal to players looking for a slot game with low volatility.

How To Play Fruit Slots

Whether you're playing a fruit slot focused on classic games or filled with additional bonus features to help enhance your winning potential, it can be a simple process. Before spinning the reels of a fruit slot online, players will need to set a stake that suits their budget. Usually, this button is found on the bottom of the reels and will feature the minimum and maximum betting amounts on offer. Following that selection, in many slot games, we have like 20p slot, players will click the spin button, the reels will complete one rotation, and any winnings will then be added to their account balance.

Where Can I Play Fruit Slots?

If you're looking for fruit machine slots or video slots with a fruity theme, players can browse through our extensive collection of games at 21.co.uk. We have some hidden slot gems that can offer you the traditional playing experience and those that have extra free spins and bonus rounds.

Best Fruit Machine Slots at 21.co.uk

Of the many online fruit slots available, we've hand-picked some of our popular fruit slots, with each one offering different visuals and bonus features.

20p Slot

If you're looking for the classic fruit slots at 21.co.uk, look no further than the 20p slot. Developed by Inspired Gaming, this online slot offers players a classic experience with a 3x3 reel game that features all of the traditional symbols players will expect to see in a fruit machine slot. This slot stands out because it only features five paylines and zero bonus features, so if you're looking for the perfect classic slot, this is the one for you.

Jammin' Jars

Featuring bonus games such as free spins and the rainbow feature, Jammin' Jars has become one of this category's most popular modern additions. Despite being a modern title with great visuals and mechanics, the slot still focuses on the classic elements.

Fire Joker

The Fire Joker slot is slightly different to the other options on this list given the use of inferno visuals, however, the slot utilises the classic 3-reel structure, along with traditional fruit symbols.

More Fruit Machine Slot Games at 21.co.uk

As you can see from the slot machine games listed above, we have lots of choices for our players when it comes to fruit slots, whether it's a classic game or those with an added twist of features and paylines. If you want to see what other slots we have to offer, head over to our slots page, or if you're interested in a specific theme, we have lots on offer.

Fruit Slot FAQs

How to win in Fruit Machine slots?

Like any other slot machine at 21.co.uk, players can win fruit machine slots by matching symbols across the available paylines. It's worth noting that fruit slots that follow a more traditional theme could have fewer paylines, but some slots take elements of the fruit slot and offer players more paylines and increased bonus features.

Across the fruit slot machines, the most common symbols players will find are lemons, plums, cherries, and melons which generally act as the low-paying symbols. However, the higher paying symbols are usually the bells and the bar symbols. So matching either of those along the paylines may mean a payout into your account.

The first coin-operated slot machine was invented back in 1894. However, if you're looking for fruit slots specifically, they got their big break from 1907 onwards.

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