Vikings Go to Hell Slot Game Review

What do you get when you cross classic Viking warriors with nasty demons from hell? You get Vikings Go to Hell, the latest in a series of Viking-themed games from Yggdrasil Gaming, an innovative top casino online gaming provider. This third iteration of the series takes a decided twist that sees our angry Viking explorers leave the familiarity of the ocean and descend directly into the pit of hell.

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About Vikings Go to Hell

Vikings Go to Hell is a 5-reel game with 25 fixed paylines. Each of the reels has four slot positions each. That’s really where the similarities end in terms of theming and game presentation. Vikings Go to Hell looks and feels completely different in most other ways.

Starting with the theme, the well-known seascapes of games 1 and 2 have been replaced with a more foreboding landscape that’s dark and disturbing. The Viking warship has been replaced by a stone wall engraved with all sorts of ominous looking artwork.

Symbols have been upgraded for this edition of Vikings. The four characters are meaner and uglier to coincide with the darker nature of the theme. As for the coin symbols, these have been upgraded as well. They now have a 3D look and include various weapons attached to them.

Last is the control panel. It’s still located below the reel set, but now it’s set against the base of the wall rather than inside a Viking warship. Boxes, buttons, and windows have all been upgraded to go with the new theme.

Vikings Go to Hell Playability

Vikings Go to Hell is just as playable as its two predecessors. You are going to appreciate the smooth reel action and the accompanying soundtrack. Both really enhance the mood that the game developers have created.

As previously stated, all 25 paylines are fixed. That means wagering works the same way in this game: you bet by adjusting the coin value using the appropriate + and – buttons in the control panel. The game offers the same three spinning options: initiating a single spin, initiating autoplay, and clicking 'Max Bet' button to apply the maximum allowable wager and spin once.

Both the Wild and Bonus symbols have been upgraded in Vikings Go to Hell. The Bonus symbol is especially intriguing. It features the image of a demon with the words 'Free Spin' overlaid at the bottom.

All in all, Vikings Go to Hell is a straightforward game to get right into. The game follows pretty standard video slot rules in terms of forming winning combinations, using Wild and Bonus symbols, etc. There is nothing unusual about the autoplay feature. You get to choose the number of automatic spins you want; all spins use the same total wager so anyone familiar with online slots should feel right at home.

Note that the Viking Rage feature makes a return in this game. However, it has been slightly modified. Rather than gauging Viking Rage via a graphical meter, it’s now measured via a numerical rating. Rage points are assigned based on when the Viking symbols land, with opportunities to earn points even if one of the Vikings does not contribute to a winning combination. As in the previous game, completely filling a Viking Rage meter automatically triggers berserk mode.

Bonus Play in Vikings Go to Hell

Game developers changed up bonus play just a bit. Beginning with the Treasure Chests feature, you might remember that the chests appeared on both reels 4 and 5 in the second game after having only appeared only on reel 5 in the first game. Well, we are back to the original configuration here and Treasure Chests are only on reel 5. However, there are eight awards linked them. Land one during standard play and you are in for something good.

The Free Spins bonus round is also back. In this iteration, you get up to 16 free spins depending on the number of Bonus symbols landed. Vikings still fight during bonus play, but in this game they are fighting demons rather than see monsters.

Perhaps the biggest difference in Vikings Go to Hell is that the Free Spins involve a progressive storyline. As your Viking characters defeat the demons they face, you slowly descend through various levels as you get closer and closer to the centre of hell. The idea is to complete each of the levels.

Vikings Go to Hell: Overall Verdict

In terms of playability and quality, Vikings Go To Hell is right up there with the first two games of the series. However, if we’re being picky the hell-based theme could be taken up a notch to really make the game stand out. A lot of effort has gone into great graphics and the progressive nature of the Free Spins bonus, but some of the lustre of previous games in the series has been lost in both berserk mode and the Treasure Chests bonus. Fans of the original two Vikings games will probably like this one a lot, and players new to the series will also find lots to enjoy here too. Whether or not Vikings Go to Hell can stand on its own and become a classic remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a game that comes recommended to try.

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