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Our casino games offer you the opportunity to play selections – like Baccarat – against live dealers, enabling you to experience the real atmosphere of the casino. Live Baccarat pits you against the house in a fast-paced game involving just 3 cards. You'll feel like you are right there in the casino thanks to real-time audio, video, and chat that keeps you connected with your dealer throughout the game.

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The 21.co.uk casino app has been created with the user at the forefront of every decision. This means that the user experience here is second to none. Play your favourite live casino games on the fast, sleek interface where you'll get complete personalisation. You can download the casino app from Google Play and Apple Store.

How To Play Live Baccarat

To play Live Baccarat, you simply sit down at a virtual table, are greeted by your dealer, and then you wager on either the player or dealer to win. This is one of the unique aspects of Baccarat. You are not actually the player working a hand against the dealer; the dealer plays the game out automatically. You are betting on either hand to win.

That means multiple players can be at the same Baccarat table simultaneously. Each player places his or her own wager, which is then added to the total bet for each hand. In our Live Baccarat game, you can even see what other players are doing; this may ultimately influence how you wager.

The pairs button enables an extra feature that gives you the opportunity to bet on either the player or dealer getting a pair. This is an extra bet that adds a bit more excitement to the game. If you bet on Pairs and get it right, the payout can be as high as 11 to 1!

You can play Live Baccarat in either classic or 3D view. The classic view offers a larger, more complete view of the table while the 3D view zooms in for a realistic at-the-table view.

Baccarat's history of being a simple game is one of the reasons it is one of the most popular options in casino. Our Live Baccarat option is your opportunity to play with a real dealer and against others all at the same time and is a fantastic way to play a real game whenever and from wherever you want.

For players looking for a more in-depth explanation, take a look at 21.co.uk's How to Play Baccarat guide. Despite being a relatively simple casino game, there is a broad range of terms used throughout, which are worthwhile to understand to get the most from your gameplay.

Baccarat Game: Dragon Tiger

If you're a fan of Live Baccarat but fancy a little change of scenery then Dragon Tiger could be the change you need. This Asian-themed card game is fast-paced and easy to play. The main difference is that Dragon Tiger is based off just one card. The aim here is to guess the outcome of the card, either a Dragon or a Tiger. Wagers pay 1:1 on winning bets, in the event of a tie the house keeps half of the wager. There are also two side bets where you can get better odds of 11/1. It also has a brilliant backdrop.

Live Baccarat Basics

Live Baccarat is the real thing. In other words, you are not playing against a computer simulation. The dealer and table you see on your screen are absolutely real, as are the cards being played. Every aspect of the game plays out in real time. The only thing simulated are the computer-generated buttons with which you control play.

In terms of rules, Baccarat is very simple. Both the player and the dealer draw a minimum two cards; a third card will be drawn as needed to determine the winner. The goal is to have a total point value of all the cards as close to 9 is possible without going over. The cards are valued as follows:

Ace – 1 point

2-9 – face value

10-K – zero points

Here's an interesting twist: should the total of either hand add up to more than 9, the value of the hand is the second of the two digits. Cards of 2, 3, and 7 would add up to a total of 12. The second digit is 2, so that would be the value of the hand.

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