Side Bets in Baccarat

In Baccarat, most players are familiar with the three main types of bets - Player, Banker or Tie bet. However, many variations of the game come with a number of different side bets, which can vary in odds, risk and house edge. But what are they? Here, we will look at the different side bets available in Baccarat and how they work.

The Baccarat Side Bets Available

So, what are side bets in Baccarat? Well, basically, they are optional bets that you can place alongside the main bets - both the Player and Banker bets. But why would you want to do that?

Basically, these bets add a little extra to the game - not only can they give your gameplay a bit more depth, but they can also come with potentially improved payouts, however, this does mean they are less likely to win than bets with lower odds.

So, with that being said, here are some of the most common side bets available in Baccarat - what they are and how you can play them.

Perfect Pair

First, we have the Perfect Pair, one of Baccarat's most common and popular side bets. It revolves around the first two cards dealt to the Player or Banker. In order to win, there will need to be either a perfect pair (two cards of the same rank and the same suit) or a standard pair (two cards of the same rank but with different suits) on the first two cards.

If you want to place a Perfect Pair bet, it’s pretty straightforward.

You just need to put your chips in the designated area on the Baccarat table (usually marked Perfect Pair). However, the payout will depend on the type of pair that has been dealt - perfect or regular, and the casino's odds. This side bet will normally be settled before the main bets have been decided - which can add an extra dimension to the game.

The Perfect Pair side bet is favoured by many players because it offers a straightforward type of bet with easy-to-understand odds. Lots of players appreciate the simplicity of looking for a pair or a perfect pair on the first two cards.

Big and Small

Another reasonably popular side bet in Baccarat is the Big and Small bet. This is a side bet that centres around the total number of cards used in a hand. For a bet on Big to win, there will need to be 5 or 6 cards in the hand. Conversely, the Small bet will win if there are 4 cards or less. These bets usually offer straightforward odds - based on the number of cards used in a particular hand.

In order to place Big and Small bets, again, it’s fairly straightforward. You simply indicate your choice by betting on either "Big" or "Small" - but it has to be done before the cards are dealt. Like most side bets, the outcome of these two will be determined before the resolution of the main Baccarat hand. Again, the payout will be based on the specific casino's odds for each category - Big or Small.

Dragon Bonus

Dragon Bonus is a baccarat side bet that pays out if your hand is either a natural winner or if it wins by a large margin. If you manage to get a non-natural hand that wins by nine points, then you can win as much as 30:1.

To make the bet, you simply place your bet in the marked area and can make the bet alongside one of the main bets.

There are two ways to win - if your chosen hand is a natural winner or if it is a non-natural hand but wins by four points or more. If it’s a natural winner, your payout is normally 1:1, but if it’s a non-natural winner, your payout can be between 2:1 all the way up to 30:1.

If you’re looking for a more dynamic type of side bet, then you may consider the Dragon Bonus. There is no set payout; it isn’t either a win or lose as you can win by various degrees - and it offers various payout odds based on the quality of the win in the main Baccarat hand. You can win with natural wins, non-natural wins by a specific point difference and more.

Lucky 6/Super 6

The Lucky 6, also known as Tiger in some games, is a side bet that you’d usually come across in commission-free Baccarat. This bet exclusively pays out at 1:2 odds if the Banker's hand gets a total of six. Rules for the Lucky 6 side bet at standard paying games are as follows:

  • If the Banker bet wins with a total of 6 from two cards, then the Lucky 6 will payout at 12:1.
  • If the Banker bet wins with a total of 6 from 3 cards, then the Lucky 6 bet usually pays 23:1.

However, there are some versions of this side bet - versions that offer a somewhat lower payout of 20:1 when the banker gets a total of 6 with 3 cards.

Obviously, payout odds for Lucky 6 bets depend on the rules and odds set by the game you are playing.

If you are starting in the world of side bets, then Lucky 6 / Super 6 bets are often great because they are straightforward and specific side bets. Their only focus is on whether the Banker's hand wins with a total of 6 points.


Egalitie is a set of side bets in Baccarat that revolve around specific tie outcomes - such as a final score of 7-7.

The rules for Egalities can vary from one casino to another. In some casinos, you may have the option to bet on all ten possible tie outcomes, (from 0-0 to 9-9). However, in other casinos, they might group tie scenarios together into categories, so there’s a more streamlined selection of bets.

  • Single egalite bets can payout anywhere between 80:1 (9-9) to 150:1 (0-0)
  • Group egalite bets can pay between 22:1 (6-6 or 7-7) up to 160:1 (0-0)
  • High/Low egalite bets can pay out between 10:1 (6-6, 7-7, 8-8, 9-9) to 55:1 (0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5)

Obviously, The specific bets and corresponding payouts can vary significantly among casinos, which makes Egalities bets more flexible and dynamic than some other side bets. You simply decide which bet you want to make and place it.

Royal Match

Just like any other Baccarat side bet, you will need to place one of the three main bets – Player, Banker, or Tie before making this side bet. This can work along with any of the three bets - including a tie. In terms of the payout, the Royal Match will pay out if the first two cards dealt are a King/Queen combination. However, the exact payout depends on whether they are of the same suit.

If the suit does match, the payout is as much as 75:1, but if it’s a standard King/Queen combination without matching suits, then the payout is around 30:1. It's also important to remember that these King and Queen cards must be the first two cards drawn - no third cards.

This is one of the side bets with a relatively low house edge as well, around just 2.13%.

To place a Royal Match bet, you just need to put your chips in the designated area marked ‘Royal Match’ - and it will be decided before the rest of the game is played out.

In the world of card games, there’s nothing we like to see more than royal cards in our hands. Unfortunately, they aren’t usually appreciated in the game of Baccarat unless you bet on the Royal Match side bet, with that specific bet taking these cards into consideration.

Panda 8

The Panda 8 is a side bet in some Baccarat variations and focuses on the Player's hand. It is a specific bet on whether the Player's hand will win with a total of 8 points with 3 cards. A successful bet here pays out at around 25:1.

Again, placing the bet is easy - you just need to bet on the designated area of the table marked ‘Panda 8’ on the Baccarat table.

It’s worth remembering that not all Baccarat games have all these different side bets. Some baccarat variations have no side bets at all, while others might have plenty.

Similar to Super 6/ Lucky 6, the Panda 8 side bet adds an extra layer by focusing on one specific hand - the Player's hand. If you are looking to diversify your bets with trying to predict the Player's total (of 8 points), then it is an option.

What are The Best Baccarat Side Bets?

So, which of these side bets is the best? Well, as is the case with most things in life, determining which is the "best" Baccarat side bet is pretty subjective as it will very much depend on your overall preference. Each side bet is popular for its own reasons, and they all have their own odds associated with them based on how likely they are to occur.

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