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About Online Slot Machines

Our UK online casino slots host an extremely wide variation of slot machines ranging from land-based classics to modern marvels so that our players can find the slot machine that best suits their preferences. Here at 21.co.uk, we know that not all of our players share the same level of knowledge when it comes to slot machines, some may prefer the complexities brought by modern casino games, others hold a preference for traditional fruit machines and some may be completely new to the reels and know nothing about them.

To bring our new players and those with less experience with slot games closer to those who have already formed a catalogue of a few favourite titles they tend to play during their time at 21.co.uk, we wanted to break down all the knowledge you need before spinning our slot machines - from the basic rules to the most popular themes in the business, we have all of that covered and more in this extensive guide to online slots.

How to Play Slot Machines

The most difficult part to come to grips with when you play casino games is choosing which one to play. Our online casino catalogue plays host to over 400 different slot machines to suit every player's preference there is, from those with classic user-friendly interfaces for the player who prefers a simple slot to bonus-filled bonanzas that offer a completely unique style of slot gameplay. Once you’ve chosen your prefered title, the aim of the game and base interface for each slot machine remains the same - so once you know your way around the buttons you’re set to play whenever and whatever you like.



Before you play online slot games here at 21.co.uk a stake must be set within each game. To do this, you can use the Stake settings usually found at the bottom of the game interface to view the available bet amounts and set a wager you think is suitable for your bankroll.


Once your stake is set and you’re ready to play you can go ahead and hit the Spin button. This will trigger a single spin of the reels causing the symbols to fall in a random combination. Any winning symbol combinations that land across any of the game’s paylines will be highlighted at the end of the round.

The Aim When Playing Slot Machines

The aim of the game when playing all slot machines is to land a combination of winning symbols across a payline in order to win a cash prize, or trigger a bonus feature should the game you’re playing offer them - that’s pretty much all you need to know before entering any slot game, however, each game will have additional information about any extra features, payouts or rules you need to know about.

What are reels?

Reels can be identified by the vertical columns on the slot's grid. When spinning the reels on an online slot, you will notice that the symbols will rotate for new symbols, with the aim of finding new winning combinations.

What are paylines?

When it comes to paylines, this is the line of matching symbols that join up to complete wins. Many online slots have started to incorporate different mechanics such as the popular MEGAWAYS, which provides thousands of different ways to win. Many traditional slots might only include a few paylines to win via.

What are the best online slots to play?

The question of which slot machines are the best to play is slightly more complicated to answer as it’s mostly down to player preference, they certainly aren’t a one size fits all style of casino game. However, there are some online slots that have kept a firm grasp on the top spots of the “most popular” list here at 21.co.uk for a number of reasons, it could be due to their innovative features and bumper bonus features, unique theme or age-old land-based history - some of the best online slot games may come as no surprise to those players who are well acquainted with the casino scene, with traditional slot machine titles such as the Starburst slot, Book of Ra, but that doesn’t mean to say that our newer releases aren’t as equally desirable as titles such as the highly anticipated The Goonies slot have found themselves firmly seated amongst our best-loved slot machines.

Slot Machine Themes

Our online slot arsenal is jam-packed with one of the widest varieties of themed slot machines, ranging from the classic motifs to the more kooky outlooks. Here at 21.co.uk, we take great pride in offering our players the most varied choice in casino games possible, working with some of the biggest developers in the business to offer our players the best selection possible so we’re bound to have something to suit every preference. If you’re new to online slots, you may be finding it difficult to choose a title to start with but it helps to have a preferred theme in mind to help form a starting block. Below you’ll find an overview of some of our most popular slot themes to help you find the perfect match for you.

Egyptian Slots

The Egyptian motif is possibly one the broadest slot machine themes there is, taking players on an exploration of the ancient worlds, alongside the figures who ruled throughout them, through a variety of brilliantly designed slot games. This is an extremely successful and often well thought out theme that uses symbols, music and animations to draw on the imagination of players, so it’s easy to see why so many developers opt to adopt it time and time again.

Check out some of our player favourite Egyptian slots:

Irish Slots

Another of the biggest player favourite themes available, Irish slots always do well with players both in online casino and land-based settings as they present a light and jovial gameplay that plays on the traditional ideals of the “luck of the Irish” - presenting memorable symbols, mascots and designs that stick with players for long periods of time, making some of the slot titles that fall under this concept a few of the most significant games in the business.

Irish Slots to try:

Fruit Slots

Throwing it back to the days of land-based pub fruit machines, fruit-themed slots form the staples of almost every casino whether it be online or brick and mortar - so whether you’re a gambling newbie or extremely well versed when it comes to slot machines, the chances are you’ve come across this slot theme before. The symbols present throughout these games may be the most recognisable in the business, with icons such as cherries, bells and 7s standing as some of the most iconic slot symbols of all time.

Our Best Fruit-Themed Slot Machines:

Pop-Culture Slots

Many of the modern online slots that fall within our player favourite lists tend to have a pop-culture focus ranging from TV and movies to comic book heroes, famed musicians and more, all brought to life across the reels through a range of cut-scenes, bumper bonuses and mechanics for our players to experience.

Popular Pop-Culture Slots:

Vegas Slots

Many of the online slots games we host here at 21.co.uk started out being spun by punters on the floors of Las Vegas casinos, and these land-based origins are what makes our collection of Vegas slots some of the most popular titles amongst our online casino - carrying over a sense of nostalgia with their old-hat themes and classic gameplay.

Where can I play online slots?

Play slots online right here at 21.co.uk with a wide collection of different themes and features for you to choose from. You can discover MEGAWAYS slots, progressive jackpot slots, classic favourites and many more.

Where can I find new slot games?

New online slot games are constantly being added to the growing library at 21.co.uk for you to try. The vast range of casino slot games can become overwhelming so our dedicated new slots page is exclusively for all the latest games available at 21.co.uk.

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