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Cash or Crash Live


About Cash or Crash Live

Evolution one of the most innovative live dealer studios on the market, and it’s all thanks to fresh releases such as Cash or Crash Live. The developer is known for its innovative game shows that come in addition to already great releases such as Live Lightning Roulette. Cash or Crash Live takes a whole different approach, offering a soaring approach to game shows with equally impressive rewards.

Set aboard a roaring blimp, Cash or Crash Live is a bursting game show with a 20-step bonus ladder to climb. The higher you climb on the ladder, the larger the potential payouts. Run by a host and an automatic ball-drawing machine, the vibrant green balls propel you up the ladder when randomly drawn.

Conversely, red balls take you down, but there’s a shield. Drawing a gold ball protects you from the next red ball that is drawn while also increasing the potential payouts. The highest win you may hit is up to 50,000x the bet.

How To Play Cash or Crash Live

How to Set Your Stake

Before you start your journey, there’s a betting round which lasts for a set period of time. Only one bet is allowed per game, and placing your bet is simple. As long as you have made a deposit prior to launching the game, you can click on the chips you want to play and wait for the game to start.

How to Play Cash or Crash Live

The game begins as soon as the betting round closes. A paytable will then appear just beneath the ball-drawing machine. The host will announce the first ball that is drawn. If it’s green, you go up the ladder. For each step of the ladder, you can continue to see what happens next. You can also take half the payout or take it in full. The game ends if you take all or a red ball is drawn. Reaching the top of the ladder also results in the end.

The big surprise is the rare golden balls. There’s only one per round, and it has a special significance. It’s essentially an extra ‘life’ that protects you from the next drawn red ball. In short, it saves your life in that situation and allows you to continue playing. If a green ball is drawn after a golden one, all payouts on the table are increased.

Cash or Crash Live Bonus Features

There’s no bonus round in Cash or Crash Live – the only surprise is the golden ball. When it is drawn, the game enters a special quick mode where everything plays automatically until a red ball is drawn. The aim is to draw green balls that progress you up the ladder.

21.co.uk Review Of Cash or Crash Live

Cash or Crash Live continues Evolution’s love story with live game shows. It comes off the heels of the wildly successful Crazy Time Live, which takes on a different approach to this bingo high-flyer.

If you’re looking for a different type of action, you should also try Dream Catcher. The studio’s game show lobby is loaded, so there’s something for everyone in store.

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