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About First Person Dream Catcher

In action 24/7, Dream Catcher displays the life-like charm of the advanced three-dimensional animated graphics that are such a feature of the award-winning First Person online casino series. The dark scenery with a trace of blue and gold trelliswork perfectly highlights the wheel's rainbow of colours it's also similar to the original Live Dream Catcher

The Dreamcatcher casino game wheel is divided into fifty-four segments which each bear a number. Twenty-three segments are yellow with number 1, fifteen blue have number 2, seven purple are decorated with number 5, four green have number 10, two orange with number 20 and one red has number 40. One black and silver segment is a 2x multiplier while a black and gold segment is a 7x multiplier. The Dreamcatcher wheel looks impressive whether you choose to play on desktop, tablet or mobile.

How to Play First Person Dreamcatcher

It's incredibly easy to play First Person Dreamcatcher particularly with Evolution Gaming's intuitive live casino screen displays. As with every First Person title you are totally in control of the game's speed. You can enjoy the quality at a relaxed pace or opt for faster gameplay. The wheel only spins when you've placed a bet and pressed spin. The aim of playing is to select the number you think will finish on the winning line once the wheel has stopped spinning. To place your bet simply choose an appropriate coin size then click on your preferred number. If you want to alter your bet use the Re-Do button. Click on the Double button to double your bet. When you want to keep your bet at the same level as the previous one press Repeat and Spin. If you want to cover all possibilities the Bet All button places bets on all the numbers. Once the wheel is in motion there is a heightened sense of suspense as you are treated to different camera angles and close up shots. If your number lands on the finish line when the wheel comes to a stop your payout is calculated by using the winning number itself. Number 1 pays at evens, 2 at 2/1, 5 at 5/1 and so on.

Special Features in First Person Dreamcatcher

The two multiplier segments bring increased rewards. If the wheel stops on the black and silver 2x multiplier you receive extra spins and a payout of your prize multiplied by two. Whenever the wheel stops on the black and gold 7x multiplier you earn extra spins and a cash prize worth 7x the prize value. And you could be in line for a truly magical payout if the wheel lands two multipliers in succession. In this instance, the values of both segments are multiplied together before being applied to your prize. As with every First-person game, there is the unique Go Live button which instantly takes you to a live version of Dreamcatcher.

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