Live Lightning Dice

Live Lightning Dice


About Lightning Dice

The studio set of Lightning Dice alone is worth a visit. It's a sumptuous display of Egyptian-inspired Art Deco styling with two pairs of flanking pillars in a rich bronze decorated with lightning flashes. They are interconnected by panels with embossed geometric designs.

In the centre at the top of some honeycomb-shaped steps is the dice tower itself, a shiny, golden obelisk resplendent with carvings. It's covered by a transparent panel containing a complex labyrinth of pathways that the dice travel through before displaying their results at the tower's base.

With random multipliers worth up to 1,000 being applied whenever lightning strikes, there are plenty of cash prizes waiting to be won.

How to Play Lightning Dice

The game uses three cubed dice with their sides numbered from one to six. To win you must correctly predict the total number of spots shown on the upper face of each of the dice when they come to a stop at the base of the tower.

To place a bet you select your chip size then click on a number from three to eighteen on the virtual panel at the lower part of your screen to indicate what you think the total will be. You can use the Re-Do button to replace your bet or press Double to increase it by two. If you have sufficient funds and can withstand the electrifying suspense you can even bet on all the numbers at once.

Once the timed betting allowance of fifteen seconds has finished, a random selection of numbers is struck by lightning flashes and are awarded random multipliers of up to 1,000 times. The dice are then placed in the top of the tower by the presenter.

Through multiple online casino camera angles including close-ups you can observe the dice as they make their hectic journey down the tower. If you bet on the winning total without an additional multiplier your prize is a standard payout plus your original stake.

Special Features in Lightning Dice

The lightning flash multipliers, similar to those that appear in Lightning Roulette, can significantly increase your prize money. Before the dice are launched, lightning randomly strikes up to four numbers. If one of the chosen numbers forms the winning total it's increased by the lightning multipliers. If the total is ten or eleven, the lightning multipliers could increase your payout to 49/1. Four or seventeen could be 499/1, five or sixteen could pay 249/1 and eight or thirteen could pay at 49/1.

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