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Local Jackpots are a type of Progressive Jackpot and are usually coupled with Pooled Jackpots. Local Jackpots are a style of Jackpot that are with one individual casino such as the Gigantic Jackpots bonus; meanwhile, Pooled Jackpots are Jackpots which provide you with the opportunity of winning a Jackpot across a series of games from a specific provider. Progressive Jackpot games with either be pooled or local. However, depending on the game, you may find that a slot could technically be both if a provider has paired with a brand and agreed to have both Jackpots in a singular game.

What is a Local Progressive Jackpot?

A local Progressive Jackpot is a single Jackpot that is collected and distributed within a single casino/group. They tend to be of smaller value than most Progressive Jackpots that are paid by providers and distributed across a wider-range of games, this is due to the smaller number of players the Jackpot could possibly go out too. When Local Jackpots are added slots, it doesn't make a significant difference in the standard gameplay but adds another symbol which could potentially cause what would normally be a winning combination to be unsuccessful but it does also add the possibility of landing a win bigger than the base game win.

With a local jackpot, there are sometimes a set of criteria that you have to reach to take part in Progressive Jackpots as it focuses on a single group rather than multiple casinos.

Play Local Progressive Jackpot slots at 21.co.uk

At the 21.co.uk online casino, we have multiple Progressive Jackpots that can be won on-site, these can be found on our progressive jackpots page. These will include the pooled jackpots on-site. However, to find Jackpot slots of the local variant, check out our Gigantic Jackpots page which will have all of the details you'll need to opt-in and play progressive jackpot slots.

Alternatively, if you're looking to jump straight into a slot game and check out the Progressive slots on 21.co.uk, opt-in to Gigantic Jackpots then click on one of these slot machines to get started.

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