Progressive Jackpots

You’ll probably be familiar with jackpot cash prizes as a concept in various walks of life, and will probably know a slot jackpot as being the biggest win available in a game. However, if you’re a bit unsure as to what exactly a progressive jackpot is, we’re here to help. You can play a wide variety of slots at 21.co.uk that are a part of a progressive jackpot network, whether that be our own gigantic jackpots or one attached to a gaming provider such as Blueprint or Red Tiger. There are also slot games that have their own internal jackpot that increases each time you spin the reels, which are also referred to as progressives.

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

We can all agree that the thought of winning one of the most fruitful slot-based jackpots is appealing to every player, right? But what exactly is a progressive slot jackpot? And what makes it different from a regular jackpot payout? Well, quite a lot actually. Progressive jackpots present one of the biggest payouts on offer within the online casino landscape, and they don’t stop growing until they are won. On the other hand, regular jackpot offerings tend to stick at one static, predetermined amount no matter how many players play the game.

As to how the jackpot prize increases, each time the reels of games under this banner are spun, a percentage of the wager used to play is donated into a jackpot pool. In some instances, an additional small amount is added to the ‘seed’, which is a reserve pot that comes into effect once the jackpot is won, so that the new prize starts at a value greater than zero. Some progressive jackpots are linked to a network of games, while others are available on single games.

Network Progressive Jackpots

Network progressive jackpots refer to those that are attached to a range of games that all fall under a certain umbrella. For example, this could be a network belonging to a particular brand. Red Tiger offer hourly drop and daily drop prizes, which are prize pools that increase as multiple people play them, but with a cap on how long they can grow for before being won, with a 60-minute and 24-hour limit respectively. Blueprint Gaming also offer progressives in the form of Jackpot King, but they have no deadline, meaning they can grow for a long while, which leads to bigger prizes.

You can also find network progressives that are linked in a different way, such as being attached to a particular casino. A good example of this can be found in the virtual halls of the 21.co.uk online casino, where our gigantic jackpots can grow in size as a small amount is taken from each game spin and added to the overall pool, which can reach into the millions.

Single Game Progressive Jackpots

Some slots and other games will have increasing jackpots that are just attached to them specifically. Similarly to network progressives, these will increase over time, although they often don’t use quite the same mechanic. Instead, the value of the prize pot is commonly increased by landing a certain combination of symbols on the reels, such as jackpot icons or high value symbols. 88 Fortunes slot is a game that demonstrates this structure effectively, with the mini, minor, major, and grand jackpots able to increase in size before they are won.

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

When you play casino games that feature a progressive jackpot, they are generally hooked up to a single prize pool which grows with every round that’s played. This means that the larger amount of players that are playing across all of the connected games will contribute to the respective kitty, growing the jackpot prize at a faster rate.

They’re called “progressive jackpots” due to the nature of their gradual pot development. Until someone wins the heavily sought-after grand prize, the jackpot continues to grow rapidly over time. The volant growth and potentially valuable payouts are the key selling points of progressive jackpots and the casino games which host them - it’s easy to see why so many developers are beginning to adopt this mechanic.


How Often Do Progressive Jackpots Hit?

Exactly when progressive jackpots pay out is entirely random, although some come with a deadline which means they must drop within a certain timeframe. However, for more general progressives, there is no limit as to how long they can continue to grow.

The precise way to win a progressive jackpot depends on the structure of the prize. However, it’s usually achieved by landing multiple matching jackpot symbols within a slot game, which then advances you to the jackpot element for a chance to win big.

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