Must drop jackpot

What are Must Drop Jackpots?

Must Drop Jackpot games bring about a unique mechanic that enables progressive jackpots to be awarded more frequently. This comes down to jackpot prizes being guaranteed to drop at some point within a time limit. For example, Must Drop Jackpot online slots can payout the jackpot prize pool on a daily and hourly period. More often than not, there will be an hourly prize and a daily prize included in a single game.

The daily prize is typically higher than the hourly as it is won less frequently and has a greater time period to increase. However, one consistent feature is that these prizes "Must Drop" within the time period.

Must Drop Jackpot games usually operate with multiple prizes, which can be viewed using the in-game menu, providing you with information on the rules, paytables and bonus features.

Must Drop slots include progressive jackpot prizes, which means that the prize will continue to grow as more players place bets. Progressive prizes will eventually reset when the jackpots are won.

Must Drop Jackpot Games

Covering a range of different themes and bonus features, you can try some of the top titles available at 21.co.uk.

Mega Dragon

As one of the Red Tiger slots, this title has been designed with a popular Chinese theme and symbols to match. The Mega Dragon slot also includes different jackpots, with both hourly and daily drop jackpots included.

Aside from the jackpots, this slot also comes with its own bonus features, including; Green Dragons, Golden Dragons and Red Dragons.

Persian Fortune

Combining an Eastern mythical theme with bonus features such as Tumbling Reels and the Magic Carpet round, the Persian Fortune slot is also considered a Must Drop game with its progressive prizes.

Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines

Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines is a sequel to the original slot, Rainbow Jackpot. In this version, you can find the added Power Lines feature, along with the Must Drop jackpots.

Finding Must Drop Games

You can explore several Must Drop titles online at 21.co.uk, with each title offering something original.

Red Tiger Gaming is the primary provider of Must Drop Jackpots, and many of their titles often include a range of prizes that could be unlocked. This can include a daily and hourly prize. If the game includes a bonus wheel, the prizes will be visible there, offering a chance to win if the pointer lands on the right section.

When it comes to themes, there are Must Drop games that cover the wild west, mythical designs, gems and popular Irish options. Whatever it is you're looking for, there are themes available to suit every player's preferences, along with bonuses that make for innovative gameplay mechanics.

What are hourly drop jackpots?

With hourly drop jackpot games, one player is guaranteed to win the main jackpot prize each hour. After the specified hour, the hourly jackpot will reset for another player to win.

Hourly drop jackpots tend to use a progressive jackpot format. For progressive jackpots, the amount rises each time a player makes a bet. A small percentage of the bet is added to the prize pool, which is then guaranteed to be awarded at some point within the hour.

Many jackpot games are not limited to the hourly drop. There are other jackpot drops included too. These could appear less frequently but also offer great rewards if they land.

How are hourly drop jackpots won?

When playing each hourly drop jackpot game, you will be able to access the in-game menu to find specific rules on how the hourly jackpot is achieved. Typically, the jackpot feature can be achieved by landing a set number of jackpot symbols across the reels. This might then take you to a jackpot wheel bonus round, where the prize will be awarded if landing on the correct segment.

What are daily drop Jackpots?

With daily drop jackpot games, there is a jackpot prize pool that is guaranteed to drop at some point within 24 hours. After the prize has been won, the amount will not reset until the next day.

Daily drop jackpots typically use a progressive jackpot format, meaning small contributions are taken from each bet that a player places and are added to the total prize pot. This will continue to rise until the prize is won. When it is won, the prize pot will be reset for the following day.

Red Tiger is the original provider of daily drop games, and they have since released several titles that feature this bonus prize mechanic. It's also common to find multiple jackpots in their games, with the daily jackpots usually being one of the top prizes.

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How do you win Must Drop Jackpots?

All jackpot casino games have varying rules for winning jackpot prizes. However, many Must Drop games will take a similar approach, requiring you to land three jackpot symbols across the reels.

After you have landed the minimum amount of symbols, a jackpot bonus round will begin, where you have the chance to win one of the prize pots on the jackpot wheel. The jackpot wheel shows each of the available prizes. The jackpot wheel will spin, and the pointer will finally land on one of the sections to reveal the Must Drop prize to be awarded. Each game has a different probability for each of the jackpots, so it is difficult to say how likely these are to drop. However, every title does use a random number generator to avoid any bias or cheating that would cause the game to be unfair. This will mean that the Must Drop awards will land by random chance.

All of the Must Drop titles available on our online casino have been optimised for use on mobile devices and desktops. With this addition, you can experience the same gameplay, and bonus features from the top Must Drop jackpots via your mobile.

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