Fixed Jackpot Slots

When it comes to online slots, there are many which offer players the opportunity to win a jackpot through inbuilt jackpot games. While some are progressive jackpot slot games, others offer a fixed prize determined by your stake and will offer fixed cash prizes.

But what does this mean? Ultimately, in online slots, a fixed jackpot will not grow in size, and the biggest jackpot on offer will be determined by a multiplier and the amount staked by the player on just a single spin. This means if players land the right winning combination within the reels of video slots, the jackpot will payout. One additional thing to note as you play jackpot slots of this kind is that within this fixed jackpot slot game, the prize is available to multiple players and can also be triggered on multiple occasions, so the prize money will always be on offer.

How Do Fixed Jackpot Slots Work?

Fixed jackpot slots are essentially casino games where the jackpot prizes will remain static until its won by a player. Once that incident occurs, the jackpot will be refreshed, ready for the next player to attempt to win the jackpot.

What to remember when playing a fixed jackpot slot is that the amount will vary depending on multipliers, ratios, and the stake also placed per spin. For example, if you stake £1 and the jackpot is 1000x your stake, the win will be £1000. However, if you stake £10 on the same jackpot, the win will total £10,000.

What is a Fixed Jackpot?

Within slot games, there are two types of fixed jackpots that players can identify when they spin the reels, and both of these fixed jackpots can offer different prize potential, so it’s always worth knowing which category you are playing. The first is a fixed jackpot which is assigned directly by the game itself, and the slot game itself determines the amount on offer within the jackpot.

The second fixed jackpot that can be found within slot games is where the game assigns a number that is then multiplied by a bet, whether this is something like 500x your stake or 100x.

Best Slots With A Fixed Jackpot

There are many online slot games which offer players a fixed jackpot, and we've listed some of the top games we have to offer right here:


Do fixed jackpot slots have a progressive jackpot?

No, within these types of casino slots, the jackpot is fixed and will not increase according to the number of players or the amount staked.

Yes, these types of slots inform players exactly how much they can win if they trigger the jackpot.

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