How to Play Roulette


  • Understanding the basic rules of roulette
  • Different roulette bet types
  • The roulette table
  • How do you win in roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games that has been attracting players from all over the world since the 17th century. Its popularity stems mainly because it’s easy to play and its rules are simple. However, it does have a lot of depth for those looking for alternative betting options.

Here, we will look at the basic rules of roulette, how to play roulette games, the table and wheel layout and how one wins in roulette.

Understanding the Basic Rules of Roulette: How to Play

Roulette is a simple casino game at heart. It involves a spinning wheel and ball - and you need to try and predict where you think the ball will land. Here are some of the basic roulette rules:

  1. The Roulette Wheels: Roulette is usually played on a wheel with 37 (in European roulette) or 38 (in American roulette) numbered pockets. These pockets are coloured red and black, with one green pocket for the 0 (and an additional green 00 pocket on American roulette wheels).
  2. Placing Your Bet: Before the wheel is spun, you need to place your bet on the roulette board, which will display the various bets (which we will look at later).
  3. No More Bets: Once everyone has placed their bets, the croupier will announce, "No more bets!" - and the wheel is ready to be spun.
  4. The Spin: The croupier will then spin the roulette wheel in one direction while releasing a small ball in the opposite direction. The ball will eventually fall into one of the numbered pockets.
  5. Determining Wins: You win if the ball lands on a number or category of numbers you have bet on - and the amount you get depends on the type of bet you made and the odds associated with it.

When the winning number is determined, any losing bets will be collected, and the winning bets will be paid out.

Different Roulette Bet Types

The game is renowned for its huge array of betting options, each with different odds and probability of winning a roulette game. Regardless of the variant, the main bet types are the same across the board.

In general, "Inside bets" are those roulette bets which are located on the inside of the table, while those located around the outside are referred to as the "Outside bets".

It’s worth noting that there are two main types of roulette (with numerous variations of each): European and American Roulette. The European Roulette wheel has one 0 pocket and the American Roulette wheel has two - 0 and 00. Because of this, the house edge, odds and payouts are generally better in European Roulette.

However, whatever type you play and whatever bet you make, roulette is a game of chance, and there’s no way to guarantee a win, even when using a roulette strategy.

The Roulette Table

The roulette table is where it all happens - and understanding its layout is vital. Below you can find an example of how the number board might look at a roulette table. This example is from a European game as there is only one zero, so an American game might look slightly different. Number Board

Table Basics

When you first look at a roulette table, it can look complex, but once you know what you’re looking for, it’s pretty simple to understand - so let's break down the basics:

The Wheel: The roulette wheel is the heart of the game - and it's where the magic happens. The wheel features numbered pockets, alternating in red and black, with a green zero pocket (plus an extra double zero in American roulette). The croupier spins the wheel in one direction, and a small ball spins in the opposite direction. Eventually, the ball will fall into one of the pockets, determining the winning number.

Betting Layout: Then you have the table, which is where you place your bets on outcomes such as specific numbers, groups of numbers, colours, or other combinations.

Chips and Bets: You can then use your casino chips to place your bets. These chips will come in various denominations, so you can bet different amounts based on your budget. Your chips will be a specific colour to distinguish them from those of other players.

Variations in Roulette Tables

Although the essence of the tables are very similar, roulette comes in several variants, each one with its unique table layout. The two most common versions are European and American roulette, which have a couple of minor differences in their tables:

European Roulette Table:

Single Zero: European roulette tables have only one single zero pocket, which reduces the house edge and improves player odds when compared to American roulette.

Layout: The European roulette table layout includes numbers 1 to 36 and the single zero pocket, and the betting options are organised into three columns, which makes it easier to place bets on groups of numbers.

Bets: You can make standard inside and outside bets, such as straight-up bets on individual numbers, red or black bets, and dozen bets.

American Roulette Table:

Double Zero: American roulette tables feature an additional double zero pocket (00) alongside the single zero.

Layout: The American roulette table layout is similar to the European version but includes both the single and double zero pockets.

Bets: You can make the same standard inside and outside bets as in European roulette, the only difference being the presence of the double zero, which affects the odds.

French Roulette Table:

Single Zero: Similar to European roulette, French roulette features only a single zero pocket.

Layout: The French roulette table layout is quite distinct - it has French labelling and the ‘racetrack’ or ‘oval’ section where you can make call bets like Voisins du Zéro and Orphelins.

La Partage Rule: French roulette tables often apply the ‘La Partage’ rule, which pays back half of your even-money bet if the ball lands in the zero pocket.

Mini Roulette Table:

Mini roulette tables are, as the name suggests, smaller and feature a more simplified layout with fewer numbers. They often use a single zero and a reduced set of betting options - normally numbered between 1 and 12. Because of this, mini roulette is known for faster gameplay and is a great choice if you’re looking for quicker rounds and a simpler experience.

Online Roulette Tables:

To understand how to play roulette casino games, you need to understand the tables.

Online roulette tables basically replicate the traditional roulette table - but online. You place your bets using virtual chips, and the wheel is spun through a random number generator (RNG) - which determines a random and fair outcome.

Generally, online casinos offer all different roulette variants, including live dealer roulette with real croupiers where the game is live-streamed to your device in real-time.

Simply put, the table design varies slightly based on the roulette variant you are playing and whether you're playing at a land-based casino or enjoying online roulette. Each variant has its own appeal, making roulette a game for players of all levels.

How Do You Win In Roulette

Ultimately, you win by simply predicting correctly where the ball will land when the wheel comes to a stop. However, different bets offer different ways of winning, different odds and different payouts when playing roulette.

If you selected an inside bet and got an exact single number match, you can win back 35x your stake - whereas if you correctly predict even money bets such as red or black, high or low or odd or even, you’ll get a 1:1 payout. Of course, there are various options in between. The best thing about roulette is you can decide your risk factor. Simply pick the variation of the game you prefer (we recommend European Roulette as it has a lower house edge) and select the bet you would like to place for the upcoming round!

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