Roulette Versions

There's a range of roulette variations for you to explore, with some versions going beyond the classical game that you are most likely to be familiar with.

Even then, there are roulette variants of the traditional casino game that includes subtle changes that players might not be familiar with, including American, French and European games.

European roulette

Arguably the most popular roulette game with its preferred odds and extensive range of betting options available at European roulette tables.

When looking at the European wheel, you will notice that it is only a single zero wheel. This creates a lower house edge of 2.7% when compared to the American version. Within the American version, the payout odds for a straight-up bet remain the same as in the European variation at 35:1, making the European version the preferred choice with a greater likelihood of winning.

With the added zero on the wheel, this roulette version has a total of 37 pockets that the ball could potentially hit.

European roulette tables provide players with the option to bet on both "inside" and "outside" bets.

Inside bets - These types of bets cover specific numbers or those that are positioned next to each other. Inside bets can also cover a small group of numbers.

Outside bets - Covering larger groups of pockets, such as even money outside bets like; red/black, odd/even and high/low.

French roulette

If you're familiar with the European game, the French version is not far off. In fact, French roulette uses the same roulette wheel and bets, with the only difference being the roulette table layout.

There are a couple of rule differences to consider, including the "La Partage" rule. In the scenario where an outside bet loses due to the ball landing on zero, the La Partage rule applies and the player gets half their bet back.

"En Prison" is another slight difference in the French version, where players can either choose to follow the "La Partage" rule or opt to make the same bet again.

Call bets

Within the French game and many European roulette variations, call bets can be a popular choice. These bet types cover different sections of the roulette wheel, with multiple numbers included.

Voisins du zero (Neighbours of Zero) - Placing a bet on Voisins du Zero will cover the 17 numbers that are the closest to the zero pocket on the wheel, hence the translation, "neighbours of zero".

Jeu zero (Zero Game) - Bet covering the numbers between 12 and 15.

Orphelins (Orphans) - Any pockets that have not been covered by the Voisins du Zero or Tiers du Cylindre bet will be selected with the orphelins bet.

Le tiers du cylinder (Thirds of the Wheel) - Covering roughly one-third of the wheel, this bet type selects 12 numbers on the opposite side of the zero.

American roulette

Compared to the previous two versions, American roulette has the biggest difference with the double zero wheel, taking the total number of pockets to 38. This addition creates a greater house edge (5.26%), reducing the likelihood of players winning.

As is the case in the European game, the payout odds for a straight-up bet in American roulette are 35:1, providing the player with less favourable odds.

The roulette table layout is slightly different due to the double zero pocket that exists on the roulette wheel, opening up extra betting types. On the roulette table you will find that you can place a five bet, allowing players to cover the numbers; zero, double-zero, 1, 2 and 3. Any winning five bets will payout at 6:1.

Some games of American roulette offer a Surrender rule which is very similar to the "La Partage" rule that is found at French roulette tables. Players will find that this rule is only available for even money bets and will return half the stake to players if the ball lands in a zero or double-zero pocket.

Multi-Wheel roulette

Multi-Wheel roulette takes things to the next stage, providing players with the option to play roulette on up to 8 roulette wheels. This does not mean that you place bets on each wheel. Instead, players would place the same bet for each of the wheels that are active in the game.

Although there is the potential to be played on up to 8 different wheels, players do not need to select all of these. For example, players could choose five wheels to be active.

In terms of the rules themselves, Multi-Wheel roulette uses the same principles that can be found in European roulette games.

Double-Ball roulette

If the name doesn't provide a big enough giveaway, double-ball is a game of roulette that utilises two balls, rather than the single ball that you might be familiar with in traditional roulette games.

It's a lot more common for players to find a game of Double-Ball roulette online, than in land-based casinos.

When it comes to the rules, there are some slight differences. Outside bets will often require both balls to hit for a win to be awarded. With inside bets, only one ball is required to win but having both land will provide doubled payouts.

Rapid roulette

With an aim to speed up the gameplay of your average roulette game, Rapid Roulette makes use of virtual terminals to allow players to make bets more efficiently than they would at a physical table.

There aren't any major changes to the game other than the concept of selecting your bets on what is essentially a virtual roulette table.

Mini roulette

In variations such as European and American roulette, there are 37 or 38 pockets on the wheels, but with mini roulette, the wheel is stripped right back to 13 numbers. Typically, this is made up of numbers 1 through 12, with a zero segment also existing on the wheel.

With fewer pockets and the zero still existing, the house edge is even greater than that found in American roulette. It also means that there are fewer bets available.

In some cases the "La Partage" rule can apply, helping to reduce the house edge within the game.

Play online roulette

Within our wide collection of online roulette games, including both live and virtual options.

For live games, one of the most popular choices is Lightning Roulette from the provider, Evolution.

If you're looking for a private virtual game, variations such as Roulette X2 and 20p Roulette can also be found right here on 21.co.uk.


What is the difference between American and European roulette?

Both casino games are very similar but the American wheel does include a double zero pocket, increasing the house edge. As well as this, there are a couple of extra betting types and rules that you can find in the American game.

Yes, online casinos do offer different versions of the game, with both virtual and live games available for players to try.

European and American roulette is the most popular choice. From the two, European roulette is often preferred by players, offering a lower house edge when compared to the American game.

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