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Multi-wheel roulette

What is Multi-Wheel roulette?

Based on the traditional game of roulette, the Multi-Wheel version takes things to another level, allowing players to add up to eight wheels at once.

For anyone who is familiar with the rules of roulette, there isn't much that changes in this variation other than the option to wager on the outcome of multiple wheels.

How to play Multi-Wheel roulette

Firstly, players will need to select the bet/bets that they would like to place during the betting window. Betting options that are available at a single-wheel roulette table can also be found in Multi-Wheel roulette, including both inside and outside bets.

As this is a Multi-Wheel variation, players can choose to set up to eight wagers at the same time, allowing you to select which wheels you would like to be active on. Despite, the number of wheels, there is only one betting table which means the same bet is placed across the wheels.

For example, if you select an even number outside bet, this will apply to each of the wheels that you choose to be active in the game.

Once the dealer has called for the final bets, the window will close and players will no longer be able to place further bets until the next round.

Now that all bets are on the table, the round will begin with the ball making its way around the roulette wheels, until finally coming to a stop in one of the roulette pockets.

When it comes to winnings, if you were to bet on black for five wheels and only two produced this outcome, you would be able to claim your winnings for the two wheels.

It's also important to be aware that Multi-Wheel roulette follows the rules and principles of European roulette. This includes the one zero pocket and the relevant betting options that are available in the European game.

Multi-Wheel roulette Bet types

The bet types within Multi-Wheel roulette are the same as those found in the classical game, with the only difference being that a single bet can be active for several roulette wheels.

Playing Multi-Wheel roulette will provide the following options:

Inside bets; Straight-up, Split, Corner, Street and Line bet.

Outside bets; Red/Black, High/Low, Odd/Even, Dozens and Columns.

Multi-Wheel Roulette Payout odds

If you're familiar with the payout odds in roulette, then there won't be many surprises with the odds in this version:

  • Straight-up - 35:1
  • Split - 17:1
  • Corner - 8:1
  • Three line - 11:1
  • Six line - 5:1
  • Even money bets - 1:1
  • Column bets - 2:1

Multi-Wheel Roulette Review

Providing a slightly different gameplay experience to the classical game of roulette, this game does have its highs and lows.

Firstly, the rules of Multi-Wheel roulette do not change from those that you might be familiar with in traditional games that can be found at an online casino. This makes it more open for all players to experience, regardless of whether you are a new player or not.

High betting limits have been known to exist with this variation as players place bets across multiple active wheels, rather than a single wheel. Due to this, Multi-Wheel roulette is not for everyone, but it does offer something different if you're looking for an alternative.

Multi-Wheel Roulette FAQs

Is there a multi-wheel roulette strategy that exists?

In terms of the game of online roulette, the betting layout or rules don't change. The only difference is that a bet can be active on multiple roulette wheels, meaning that popular strategies such as Constant Bet or Martingale could still apply.

Roulette is a game of chance that includes a house edge. This means that there is no strategy that can guarantee players a specific outcome.

Progressive betting systems such as Martingale can lead to big losses with stakes rising quickly, which is even more true when playing across multiple wheels.

Is Multi-Wheel roulette worth playing?

Which roulette variant you choose to play ultimately comes down to personal preference, however, the Multi-Wheel variant does provide an interesting alternative for players to experience, with unique gameplay when compared to other roulette games.

Bets are placed across multiple wheels requiring higher betting limits for Multi-Wheel roulette.

How many wheels can be active in multi-wheel roulette?

You can play with up to eight games active in one game. Despite the various wheels, there is only one roulette table, meaning players will place the same bet for each of the wheels that they choose to be active.

Can you play Multi-Wheel roulette online?

Yes, some online casinos do offer Multi-Wheel roulette online providing an interactive gameplay experience as players place bets across multiple active wheels.