Slingo Strategy: How to Play

The world of online casino is a fast-changing and ever-evolving one. When a game is popular, it’s not uncommon to see a vast range of variants popping up all over the internet. One game in particular that has cropped up seemingly out of nowhere is Slingo, a novel combination of slots and online bingo that takes the most critical aspects of both and combines them into a whole new game.

In this guide, we’ll cover all the basics you need to know and the strategies that can help understand the Slingo game.

The Rules of Slingo

Whenever a new game is developed, new players can be left scratching their heads when it comes to working out exactly what it is that they need to do to win. That’s especially true when talking about games that are formed by smashing two established types of gameplay together into one. It might seem revolutionary, but it is a simple game at heart, and there are a few rules you should follow if you’re looking to play Slingo online.

The Grid: A five-by-five bingo card full of numbers with a row of reels at the bottom

  • The Spinning Reels: You will have a set number of spins available, and you will need to check how many you get
  • Crossing Off Numbers: When the reels land, any numbers that match your bingo card will be marked off
  • Completing Lines: Prizes are awarded when a five-number line is achieved - each line you get will increase your win by a defined amount
  • Full House: Like with bingo, the top prize is awarded when a player gets a full house or a fully-ticked-off card

These are the very basic rules of Slingo but there will be some different aspects that you may find will affect the game in different ways. For example, you will need to keep an eye on certain symbols and bonus features that will trigger different outcomes.

Features You Will Find in Slingo

While the game of Slingo is very much like bingo, you will find the symbols more commonly associated with slots in the gameplay. Because it makes use of the spinning reels, this game has just that bit more customisation than your standard game of bingo. The images that appear will all mean something different to your game, and you will have to be aware of what they will do for you. In particular, you will need to be on your guard and look out for the following symbols.


When you see this symbol of jest, you can expect an interesting game. When it appears, you can mark off any number in the column that it displays in. This could help to complete lines that you’re on your way to achieving.

Super Jokers

Similarly to their less super counterparts, these symbols allow you to mark off numbers from your grid. However, these ones give you the option to check a number from anywhere. It puts you a little more in control of your own destiny as you play.

Free Spins

This one is self-explanatory. When the free spin symbol comes up, you’ll get one extra spin that doesn’t come out of the limited number that you began the game with. As with the previous two, this is a symbol that signals good luck for a player.


The king of the underworld will undoubtedly signal bad luck for many, and that’s definitely the case here. If you get one, it will work to block any potential lines on the column it shows up in. This will make your game significantly harder and potentially scupper your plans as you move through the lines. Players will do well to avoid ever summoning this symbol.

Slingo Strategies & Tips For Playing

Knowing the rules and all the different symbols is only half the battle. When playing Slingo, there are different factors you will need to keep in mind to build a strategy. That said, no strategy can guarantee an outcome as Slingo is a game that is based on random chance. Strategies simply provide an approach to the game such as bankroll management.

Managing Bankroll

This is a tip that isn’t necessarily specific to the game of Slingo but it remains an important one, nevertheless. You should always make sure only to stake what you have within your set budget. If you’re on a losing streak, don’t try to chase it by placing increasingly larger stakes in an effort to claw it back.

Similar goes for winning. You need to know what you see as a win and learn to cash out when you’re ahead. Smart management of your bankroll is key to avoid any significant losses. Set limits before you sit down to play and you will be able to effectively control your play much better than if you were to go in blind.

Wilds and Super Wilds

Your jokers and your super jokers will function as the wilds and super wilds, and you need to use these to your advantage. Think strategically about where you’ve marked off your numbers and where you’ve got the potential to win. If you have three or four numbers in a line, you’re going to be best off choosing a number that will add to that.

If you think a full house is on the cards, you might want to look for areas on your bingo card that could do with some number clearing. Rather than relying entirely on your numbers coming up, you can strategically pick out the numbers that will benefit you more and move the gameplay on.

Understanding Specific Features

Not all games are created equal. Now that Slingo has become a phenomenon in its own right, there are different variations of it that will have slightly different gameplay that you will have to be aware of. Take the time to read through any instructions or particular rules for the game you have picked.

Wilds may be different, the number of spins will vary from game to game, and the wins per line might be at different levels. Some Slingo games may even include bonus games that unlock as you go through the spins, and these will have their own unique controls and gameplay. Knowing the specifics of your chosen game will stand you in good stead as you play.

Finding the Best Game

As every game is different in some way, there will be some that are more suited to you and what you want to get out of it. There are so many different themes that you can choose from, and each one will employ different wilds and bonus features to offer distinct gameplay.

Theme-wise, almost every different kind of media that you can imagine will be represented in the long list of Slingo titles, so you have a near-endless range to choose from. From pop culture icons to mythological figures, there is something for everyone in the catalogue of games at any site.

Popular Slingo Games

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