Book of Dead: the Story Behind the Slot

Book of Dead: The Story Behind the Slot

You may have spun the reels of Book of Dead slot once or twice, and delved into the mysterious ancient Egyptian theme in the process. But have you ever wondered where the idea for this blockbuster hit came from? The Book of Dead is an crucial piece of Egyptian history, and many explorers have tried to find it. But before we can understand how this epic online slot came to be, we need to turn back a few pages in time…

The Book of Dead is thought to have been created around 1150 BCE. More formally known as ‘The Book of the Dead’, it’s considered one of the most famous books in history, although technically it wasn’t a book but a compilation of texts. You may have seen the precious book portrayed in movies, but these were not always realistic portrayals. The Book of Dead isn’t so much a book in the traditional sense, but a loose collection of illustrations, spells, incantations and inscriptions, used to help the dead journey to the underworld. The famous funerary text was written by priests over a period of around 1000 years, and the original title translates roughly to Book of Coming Forth by Day. You’d find the Book of Dead in the coffin or burial chamber of the deceased.

Take a Spin Back in Time

You may assume that the Book of Dead was a religious text, which is partly true. However, what you may not know is that the ancient Egyptians believed in magic, and casting spells was as common as praying. But what kinds of magic would you find written across the pages of the Book of the Dead? Well, it seems there was a spell for every occasion, with a range of purposes. Some incantations were said give the deceased mystical knowledge in the afterlife, so they could identify with the gods. Other spells ensured that the elements of of the dead person’s being were preserved and then reunited on the other side of life. Protection from hostile forces sound good? You’ll find a spell for that too. Many of the incantations found inside the ancient book would be painted onto objects and tomb walls within pyramids, where they would remain for centuries to come. You’ll notice some faint inscriptions are carved into the ancient pillars featured in the backdrop of Book of Dead slot - take a closer look when you spin the Book of Dead reels.

Discovering the Book of Dead

For many years, the Book of the Dead was a mystery. People were aware of its existence from as far back as the Middle Ages, but it’s contents could not yet be deciphered. The first modern edition of the Book of the Dead was published in 1805, produced by the staff of Napoleon's expedition to Egypt. However, it wasn’t until 1822 when Jean Francois Champollion began to translate hieroglyphics. It was Francois that identified the funerary rituals within the text.

Karl Richard Lepsius then went on translate a manuscript dating back to the Ptolemaic Kingdom. He was the one to name the text the Book of the Dead, which of course is the name it is most known by today, and where Book of Dead slot gets its title from. Lepsius also produced a spell numbering system in order to make it easier to identify all 165 spells and their purpose.

The translation and reproduction of the Book of the Dead has continued over the years, and many have dedicated themselves to the project. Many of these works are still in circulation, although some are now considered to be out of date.

Discover the ancient book for yourself here at You’ll find it within the reels of Book of Dead slot, as this provides the game’s Wild and Scatter symbols simultaneously. Wilds can substitute all other symbols on the reels to help create winning combinations, whilst three Book of Dead symbols could lead you to the game’s bonus round.

Play Book of Dead Slot at

As you can see, many explorers have tried to decipher the secrets written upon the pages of the Book of the Dead. Will you be next? Book of Dead slot offers a simple setup consisting of five reels, three rows and ten playlines, combined with an intriguing backstory and potentially lucrative bonus features. What makes Book of Dead so popular is the immersive setting and great winning potential, creating a one-of-a-kind top casino experience. The history of the slot’s focal point puts this game at the forefront of the Egyptian slot genre.

Rich Wilde can be found on the reels, and he’ll be your companion as you search for the long lost book of the Old Kingdom. He’s also one of the highest-paying symbols. If you find the Book of Dead symbol, you could leave the reels with some treasure of your own. The Free Games Bonus is triggered when three Book of Dead symbols are landed, in which you have ten Free Spins to play with. The book will also select an Expanding Symbol, which may come into play during the bonus feature, covering an entire reel for the chance to win a jackpot of up to 250,000 coins. For more information and our official verdict on the game, check out our Book of Dead Review.

So that’s the story behind the slot. Perhaps you’ll view Book of Dead a little differently after learning of its birth, as each spin of the reels brings you a little closer to the past. Who’d have thought that a slot game would have such an incredible and intricate backstory?

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