Jackpot Strategies

With the large number of jackpots available in online slot games in the modern day, slot machines are in high demand but with more players engaging with Jackpot slots, is there a way to heighten your opportunities to win Jackpot games? Below, we'll go through the different types of Jackpots and the ways in which you can maximise your winning opportunities for Jackpots, from game selection through to bankroll, we'll give you the best ways to land wins in online slots.

If you're looking for How to Play Jackpots, we have three levels of How to Play guides available below. Alternatively, continue reading here for top tips and strategies.

Top 5 Tips for Winning Jackpots

Tip 1: Choose games strategically

When selecting a game that you should play, each casino slot will have different positives and negatives for playing. Before you play, check out the volatility, Return to Player and maximum payouts as part of your slot machine strategy. Longevity is important in games if you're going to unlock the jackpot prizes, particularly in games with a fixed jackpots or progressive jackpots. These kinds of jackpot provide up to seven-figure payouts no matter what your stake is, for the Jackpot, these slot machines odds of winning doesn't change depending on your stake, so picking games that meet that criteria is important. With that in mind, when Jackpot chances are fixed, you should also pick online slots games that will give you a longer experience, so for volatility, you'd be looking at low volatility slots as they'll pay out at a smaller rate but more frequently and frequent payouts will aid you in creating the longevity you'll need to increase your chances of winning a jackpot at an online casino. Remember, much like every aspect of online slots, the activation of jackpots is completely random and unlike winning combinations, they are exceedingly rare.

Tip 2: Don't expect to win a Jackpot immediately

The chances of winning a jackpot will vary depending on the jackpot but in most cases, the chances are incredibly low. Some believe that the odds of success are approximately 8,000/1, others believe it could be as high as 1,000,000/1. Even those who understand every single mechanic of how slot machines work, don't 100% know what percentage chance you have of landing a jackpot unless the provider says so. No matter what kind of Jackpot games that you play, you should never expect to win a jackpot, especially not when your just getting started, if it does happen, the odds have fortunately fallen in your favor, when playing a jackpot slot machine, you always have a chance of winning but it is all down to blind luck, all you can do is give yourself the best chance of landing a jackpot.

Tip 3: For Progressive Jackpots, check the highest potential win

When it comes to Progressive Jackpots, you'll always find the jackpot begins at a base value, if the current value is close to the base value, it may be worth waiting for the total to increase. If the main jackpot has been won on the same day, the chances of it happening twice in the same day are astronomical, of course, this doesn't change the actual odds of the Jackpot being won and a Progressive Jackpot has historically been won multiple times in a short period but the odds of it are very, very high. So, when you're looking to play a jackpot slot machine, read up on the bonus before you play.

Tip 4: Play slots with multiple jackpots

It's simple math, a game with three jackpots, gives you a bigger chance of success than games with one jackpot. For example, if you check out the Gigantic Jackpots bonus at the 21.co.uk online casino, we have four jackpot prizes available in our slot machines, starting with the Mini Jackpot, which represents the standard win you'd get in a game all way to the 'MEGA' Jackpot which represents a payout unlike any other standard slot machine. When playing our slots online, these are the starting payouts for our Gigantic Jackpots:

  • Mini Jackpot: Seeds at £4.5
  • Minor Jackpot: Seeds at £90
  • Major Jackpot: Seeds at £9,000
  • Mega Jackpot: Seeds at £4,500,000

So, even the basic seeds can provide payouts unlike anything else when playing slots online. Most online casinos have a jackpot variant, payouts may not match Gigantic Jackpots but they may have penny slots or other games that contribute to smaller jackpots. Another variant that should be considered is the Jackpot King which is increasingly popular with slot players.

Tip 5: ALWAYS set a bankroll before you play

It doesn't matter how many slot tips you read before you play, if you're not setting a bankroll before you play, you're not optimising your experience. If you're aiming to unlock a jackpot or even play a slot generally, you need a bankroll. If you start off with £100, you shouldn't play with a stake of £10+ if you're looking to unlock Jackpots, we recommend that you're able to play at least 25 rounds of gameplay. Even the most popular casino games have no guarantees that you win at slots, whether you activate bonus games or not. This tip isn't just one for Jackpot slots, it's a tip for anytime you play slot machines.

Jackpot Strategy FAQs

Is there a strategy to guarantee wins at Jackpot slot machines?

In short, no. You can give yourself better odds by setting up a bankroll, playing low-volatility games and playing with a good strategy. However, there isn't a strategy that guarantees wins in any capacity, never mind guaranteeing a jackpot win. The slot machine odds will tell you the probability of wins across different games, such as how a penny slot machine will compare to a jackpot slot machine but you'll know which slot game suits your style of gameplay when reading up on the slot.

You shouldn't stick to one style of slot machine, if you want to maximise your chances of victory, you should learn about as many slots as possible, slot machine strategy guides provide a number metrics that help you play online video slots but whether you're playing at your local casino or online, we recommend checking out how a slot pays before you play and see what the best winning combination could bring you, whether that is through a progressive slots jackpot or just a standard game, only you can decide which slot machines are best suited to your gameplay.

Not quite. When playing Progressive jackpots, the value will increase as you play. However, standard slot machines will only pay out more money if you increase your stake and that completely alters your strategy. Most online casinos have a number of ways to win which mean that slot tips will alter depending on each game, there aren't any sure ways to beat slot machines but Jackpot strategies provide the best way to play a casino slot.

If a game has high cash prizes, you may wish to activate bonus rounds and increase your chances of receiving a higher payout percentage, whether you're playing high volatility slots or low volatility slots, there isn't any particular game that slot players should or should not play, whether you're playing online or in land casinos, you should experiment with different games to determine which best suits the way you wish to play. So, check the pay table, check the winning odds and spin reels and see which suits you the best.

For one, Bingo Jackpots are much easier to win, in a Bingo game, a game continues until there is a winner, the more players in the game, the smaller your chances of winning. However, with slot games, the number of players may change the time that the bonus pays out but realistically, it doesn’t impact the chances of winning for an individual.

Slot jackpots are typically difficult to win. However, the odds of winning the National Lottery are even higher, with a scratchcard lottery win, you would be winning with approximately odds of 45,000,000/1, most Jackpots in slot games have a better chance of winning but slots jackpots typically don’t reach the same heights as the National Lottery.

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