5 Reel Slots

Everyone who has ever set foot in a casino or visited one of their online counterparts will be familiar with slots. In the UK, we have our very own culture around them, with fruit machines making up a big part of the industry over the years.

They truly are a phenomenon of casino gaming. Because of that, there is a whole range of different types of slots that players can access, especially online. One of the main developments within the world of online slots is the 5-reel slot, evolving from the traditional fruit machines.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything about these innovative slots, including how to play, their common features, and some popular examples.

What is a 5 Reel Slot?

While slots nowadays are as varied as they are popular, the 5-reel slot design has been a big part of this innovation. The introduction of 5 reels has opened up many more possibilities, including the bonus features which are used within each.

How to Play 5 Reel Slots

If you’ve played a modern slot, you’ll be aware that many of these employ five reels. This just makes those games slightly more involved, with more symbols on the grid and, because of that, often more paylines.

These games play pretty much exactly like any other slot in that you have to deposit your money, select your stake, and press spin to get the game going. Where they differ is that they mostly include innovative bonus games or extra paylines. This is what has made 5-reel slots stand out within the world of online slots, as each game has its own unique gameplay.

To create a win when playing a 5-reel slot, the rules are simple. While the paytables for each slot will likely be different, with the symbols needed to win and the payouts not all being the same, you can find several mechanics that make creating winning combinations varied.

There may also be Wilds that can substitute for a missing symbol to make up a payline, and in cases where there are more rows, Scatter symbols may be in play, which can make up wins of their own.

Common Features in 5 Reel Slots

Not every game is exactly the same, but with 5-reel slots, there are some universal features that you will find across the titles. Some of these are as simple as a free spin round, whilst others incorporate more complex bonuses that are layered with expanding wilds and multiplier values.

One of the staples in 5 reel slots is you are much more likely to find Wilds, Scatters and special symbols. This means that the 5-reel slots you play will usually have symbols that are specific to that title that you should be aware of before playing.

Popular Symbols

In terms of symbols and themes, if you are playing a traditional 5-reel slot, you will likely find iconography that is inspired by a range of popular themes that stem from Ancient Egypt to Fishing.


One thing that you will also often find in some of the newer kinds of slots is a nudge feature. This lets you move one reel while leaving the other two in place. This is great if you find yourself one away from a matched payline, as you can scroll through the reel by either one place or sometimes multiple, hopefully finding the elusive symbol. This doesn’t guarantee a win, but it can be helpful at certain times.


Similar to that feature is the hold, which essentially does the exact opposite of the nudge. You will sometimes find these on the 5-reel slots, and they allow you to fix in place certain reels while you re-spin the rest. This is useful if you have a high-paying symbol that you want to match.

Free Spin Rounds

One of the most common features you can find within 5-reel online slots is the free spin rounds. Many games will incorporate them, but the methods for triggering them and the features included within will often vary.

Top 5 Reel Slot Games

There are so many different themes and slight variations in gameplay when it comes to 5-reel slots that it can sometimes be difficult to pick the best one. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best online 5-reel slots that you will find.

Immortal Romance

Stemming from the world of horror-themed slots, Immortal Romance is a classic within the category of 5-reel slots. Aside from the gloomy theme, the slot includes a range of gameplay features, such as The Chamber of Spins. Gonzo’s Quest

As one of the most recognisable names within online slots, Gonzo’s Quest is a modern slot classic that takes on an adventure feel. The slot has since inspired many more variations thanks to its popularity with players.

Esqueleto Mariachi

This 5-reel slot features several gameplay features, which come in the form of Guitarrista, Trompetista and Marquero. The slot's features and designs are inspired by the vibrant festivities that sit at the heart of the theme.

Fishin’ Frenzy

Fishing slots are among the most popular to exist in the online casino world, and the same can be said for 5-reel slot titles. This particular fishing slot is among one of the top slot games available, thanks to its bonus features and design.

Book of Dead

When talking about popular online slots, it is hard to leave out the name Book of Dead, especially given its place within one of the top slot themes of Ancient Egypt.

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