What are cascading reels slots?

If you’re new to online slots, or simply looking to branch out from the typical casino card games you play, cascading reels are an entertaining and dynamic direction to go in. An increasingly popular and common feature from some of the world’s best online slot providers, there’s a reason why cascading reels continue to be top of the list for many players.

Read on to find out more about what cascading reels are, how they work, and why casino players are opting for this mechanic.

What Are Cascading Reels?

Cascading reels are known under numerous names and titles across the online slots industry. You may hear them referred to as rolling reels, avalanche features or tumbling reels slot games. Tumbling slots are another common way to reference the same idea under a different name. In the simplest terms, cascading reels offer players a potential chain reaction of wins within a single spin. Instead of just winning once and ending the game, this feature means you can win multiple times through numerous combinations made with just one bet.

The cascading reels feature is, essentially, a way to extend gameplay. They can keep you winning time after time, and add an extra element of engagement to your play beyond the basic spin-and-win. Once you’ve set yourself up with a single winning combination, it’s possible to keep on chaining those wins almost indefinitely – which could lead to some very pretty prize pots. Even better, many cascading slots features also include multipliers on each successive victory, so there’s plenty of cash up for grabs.

How Do Cascading Reels Work?

Cascading reels are primarily an automated feature, which means you don’t need any knowledge or experience of how to play slots or trigger the feature. As such a popular feature, many slots actively advertise if they include a tumbling, avalanche or cascading feature up-front, making the slots easy to spot.

This is how the feature typically works in a game:

  1. Load up the game of your choice, place your wager and get spinning.
  2. If a winning combination is created, the winning symbols will be removed to make space for new symbols.
  3. If these new symbols drop in and form a new winning combination, the win will be awarded, and the process will be repeated.

Multiplier bonuses or increases can vary from game to game, with anything from 2x multipliers through to 12x multipliers and beyond commonly seen as cascading slot rewards. It’s essential to look closely at the bonus or benefits a specific game offers to get the most for your money, not to mention the most from gameplay. In the most basic of terms, cascading slots don’t function any differently from your typical slots game. You still follow the same actions, but the wins can be far more rewarding in the right hands if your luck is in.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Cascading Reels Slots?

Why might you want to play online cascading reels slot machines? There are plenty of benefits to giving these types of slots a go, but the primary one is the amount of cash that can be up for grabs. If you’re looking for an experience that goes beyond standard reels, then cascading slots are a great option to try.

They’re more complicated, more involved and potentially offer improved payouts. Thanks to the fact that cascading reels are a modern addition to the features of online slot machines, there’s also a better chance of getting lots of mobile-friendly options for all your favourite themes and styles.

While different cascading reels slots offer various limitations, one thing is always true with these kinds of games – there is the potential for consecutive winning combinations. This also means the cost up-front to win big could potentially be far lower than playing, for example, five games of regular online slots and winning each time.

You only need to place your stake once, and then you could be looking at win after win – no extra payment required. This means one stake could lead to countless gains, assuming the game doesn’t have a specific limit on the number of combinations you can make.

How Do You Play Cascading Reels Slot Games?

How you play a cascading reels slot game can vary slightly according to the specific title that you choose to play. In many cases, playing cascading reels is the same as playing any other slots game. To play, you must first pick the game that you want to spin with.

Some of our favourite cascading reels to play at 21.co.uk games are:

Once you’ve chosen your cascading reels slot, simply click or tap to start and the UI will guide you on what to do. The actual avalanche or tumble process will be automatic, so all you need to do is put down your stake and start spinning. From there, sit back and with a bit of luck, watch the wins roll in – or keep on spinning if you wish for your next chance to get a piece of the potential prize pot. There’s no extra input or activations required; the game will do it all for you.

If you love online slots and you’re after something with a little additional engagement, then tumbling reels slots could be just the option for you. Upping the number of chances to win in the average game and creating an even more dynamic online casino game, there’s plenty of reason in favour of this value-packed feature if you’re already spinning your way on original-style slots.

Equally, if the spin-after-spin style gameplay of more traditional slots doesn’t appeal, avalanche or tumbling slots offer something more appealing for those that might otherwise pass over the world of online slots altogether.

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