Top Gambling Themed Songs

Written 19th December 2019

Both the music and best online casino uk industries stand as extremely popular pastimes, so it’s no wonder the two have crossed paths, with many an artist adopting the themes of gambling and Vegas and transforming them into a chart-topping anthem to suit every genre - here are the top 10 songs about gambling and betting.

1. “Viva Las Vegas” - Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley wasn’t dubbed the King of Rock and Roll for no reason, rolling out hit after hit during his chart-topping reign in the 60s and 70s. “Viva Las Vegas” definitely stands as one of the most iconic Presley tracks, inspiring a film of the same name in 1964 which it was the title track of - it is arguably a love song towards the casino capital of the world by celebrating the bright lights and grand casinos of Las Vegas. Many of the same casinos this song is aimed towards now house some of the world's most famous Elvis impersonators too.

2. “Poker Face” - Lady Gaga

“Poker Face” was one of the tracks that first brought megastar Lady Gaga into the limelight, drawing parallels between the popular casino game and relationships and launching her career as an international icon. The term poker face refers to the idea of concealing your emotions during a game of poker, or in Gaga’s case “love”, with the aim of making yourself unreadable by your opponents and potentially bluffing your way to a win.

3. “The Winner Takes It All” - Abba

Whether you like to admit it or not, you can almost guarantee that at least one track from these Swedish sensations can be found in everyone’s playlist - their songs are catchy and fun to listen to, there’s no way you can fight singing along.

“The Winner Takes It All” was allegedly scribed by Abba member Bjorn Ulvaeus with a focus on his divorce with fellow band member Agnetha Fältskog and uses an altered version of the popular betting phrase “winner takes all” as an analogy for separation, depicting one spouse as the winner who leaves the other with nothing.

4. “The Gambler” - Kenny Rogers

“The Gambler” is arguably one of the most well-known songs about betting. This is a Kenny Rogers classic which even those who aren’t necessarily fans of the country genre can appreciate, a pop-country mashup from 1978 telling the story of an encounter with a gambling man on a train and the wisdom he imparts to both the storyteller and casino players - telling the listener throughout the catchy chorus that “you’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em” which are certainly words to live by when playing any casino games.

5. “Ace of Spades” - Motorhead

Standing as the signature song of the metal band Motorhead, “Ace of Spades” is most definitely a gambling anthem. Whilst most listeners might face some difficulty making out more than just the chorus in this mumbled heavy-metal track, it presents more than just a two-line tribute chorus to the coveted Ace of Spades. The 3-minute song is packed full of great verses in reference to gambling, with lines such as “pushing up the ante” and “dead man’s hand” giving a nod to classic card games like poker and blackjack and the time the late frontman Lemmy Kilmister spent playing slots and casino games in London pubs.

There are plenty of songs about gambling out there for you to cram into your playlist should you wish, these 5 are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to betting tracks people love to blast.

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