Best Casino Destinations Outside of Vegas

Best Casino Destinations Outside of Vegas

Best Casino Destinations Outside of Vegas

Although Las Vegas stands as the undisputed casino capital of the world, there’s plenty of holiday hotspots around the world that are also renowned for their top-class casinos that offer a brilliant experience almost paralleled with that which Vegas is known for. From Germany and Singapore to Monte Carlo and Macau, these are the best casino destinations outside of Vegas.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

The USA’s East Coast casino offering stands strongly within Atlantic City, bringing bettors a fantastic selection of venues awash with brilliant live casino games and slots for your entertainment. One of the most notable buildings in Atlantic City is the colossal Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa which offers holidaymakers a perfect balance between relaxation and casino action, bringing a big casino floor and a fantastic in-house spa for guests to enjoy.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Rife with sandy beaches and bright blue lagoons paired with a terrifically tropical climate, the Bahamas is a dream destination for most before we even mention the offering of casino games. The Islands harbour an impressive selection of casino venues for seasoned gamers and one-time players alike to venture to, but one of the most popular resorts has to be the Atlantic Resort on Paradise Island - containing one of the largest casinos in the world, coming complete with water slides and underwater bars.

Macau, China

Often hailed as the ‘Monte Carlo of the Orient’, Macau is one of the richest regions in Eastern Asia as a result of its booming casino industry. It houses the biggest casino in the world, Venetian Macau, which boasts an impressive 7,000 casino slots waiting for you to take a spin. If you fancy a break from the casino floor, you could even head to the Macau Tower which hosts the tallest bungee jump in the world - hitting a height of a whopping 233 metres.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Arguably one of the most luxurious destinations on our list, up next to Macau, Monte Carlo is well known for its extravagance and wealth brimming with yachts and wealth. Located in the French Riviera in the principality of Monaco, Monte Carlo continues to draw millions of tourists every year with both its Formula One Grand Prix and the world-famous Monte Carlo casino. Some of our online casino UK players may recognise this grand building as most of Casino Royale was filmed here, if you pay a visit it seems only right to try your hand at a spot of live poker in true James Bond style.

Baden-Baden, Germany

Germany is probably one of the places you would least expect to be a big go-to destination for gamblers, but Baden-Baden has been a key port of call for the European elite since the 19th Century and not much has changed since then. Displaying immaculate architecture and a top-class selection of live casino games, the acclaimed Baden-Baden casino is most definitely a must-see if you fancy rubbing shoulders with some of the richest people in Europe.

Marina Sands Bay, Singapore

Singapore stands as one of Asia’s most popular gambling hotspots, second only to Macau. It’s most famous casino and landmark is the Marina Bay Sands which cost a staggering $4.7 billion dollars to construct, boasting incredible modern architecture stretched across 3 skyscraping buildings united by a colossal boat-shaped bridge. Also, if you need a break from the casino floor, you’re welcome to take a dip in the world-famous infinity pool which stretched across the rooftops - taking the title of ‘The World's Highest Infinity Pool’

London, UK

Never forget that some of the best casino destinations also reside here in the United Kingdom. Just a stone’s throw away in London stand some of the best casino houses available - from the exclusive Clermont Club and the Ritz, which are still a magnet for some of the wealthiest people worldwide, to the Hippodrome, there’s plenty of places to choose from.

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