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Football Betting Guide

Football Betting Guide

The 'Beautiful Game' is cherished by millions worldwide, offering the spectator the chance to enjoy sporting theatre, outstanding skills, and exciting, edge-of-the-seat action. However, a lot of spectators like to ramp up the anticipation and involvement of watching a game by placing a bet. Here at, we allow our players to place a bet on sports and indulge in some fantastic online casino games at the same time!

But how should you go about placing a football bet? Which different bets are available? And what are some examples of betting strategies which you could use to your advantage? In this article, we take a closer look.

How To Bet On Football

Betting on football with couldn't be simpler. Just head to the sports betting page from the navigation bar on our home page. There you will see a left-hand column listing all the sports we offer markets for - football is right at the top.

Once you click through to our football betting page, you'll see that our main listings show matches which are being played today. By selecting a different tab at the top of the listings, you can also see games which are being played in the 'Top Leagues', in-play markets in 'Live Now', and every match scheduled in 'All Leagues'.

From there it is simple. You can either bet on the odds for the outcome of each game, which are clearly displayed next to the teams, or click on the match to see numerous other betting markets being offered.

What Football Bets can I Place?

When it comes to football betting, there’s a whole world of options available here at From the top leagues and tournaments around the globe, to lesser known competitions, you can bet on a wide range of games in a number of ways. We offer markets on England's Premier League - the high octane, big money division which is home to some of the best players and teams. Then there is Spain's La Liga, Italy's Serie A and Germany's Bundesliga. We also offer a huge depth of other leagues across the planet - from Finland to Malaysia and Australia. And when it comes to showpiece international tournaments such as the World Cup, European Championships and African Cup of Nations, all the markets you need are right here at

Football Betting Options

So which kind of football bets can you make? Below are some typical football betting markets:

Match Outcome

Perhaps the most common bet on football is to predict the outcome of a game - that is, either a win for one of the two teams or a draw. Depending on how highly each team is rated, and which team is playing at home, odds can vary considerably for a match outcome. You might choose this type of bet because you have seen value in the odds for the underdog, and believe that they can pull off an upset. Or perhaps a top team is in great form and is set to play a lesser ranked team who’ve had poor recent form and you believe the game can only go one way.


Football betting offers the chance to bet on an 'over-under bet' - this means that players are predicting whether there will be under or over a certain amount of goals scored during the game. This is typically 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and so on. You might be sure that a game should produce many goals, because of the respective weak defences, and/or strong attacks. Some teams might typically not score a lot of goals, but when they play each other, the fixture might have a record of being high scoring. Weigh up factors such as attacking and defensive records, results from past fixtures, and team selection. With this type of bet it’s not important who wins the game, simply how many goals are scored.

Correct Score

Betting on the correct score is a higher risk bet than the match outcome or over-under. Do you have a hunch that a game will finish with a certain scoreline? Betting on the correct score is a more complex bet than those listed above, but potentially more profitable, and you can lengthen the odds further by opting for a correct score double or using the bet as part of an accumulator. Try and think methodically, first considering if one or both teams will score, before deciding on the number of goals.

First Goalscorer

Is your favourite striker on a hot streak? Or perhaps you fancy a certain centre back to head in a goal from a set-piece? First goalscorer is a potentially profitable but high-risk market which allows you to pick the specific player who will find the net first. For this kind of bet, it’s well worth doing some research beforehand to evaluate these questions:

Does a player have a particularly good record against a certain team? (E.G Jamie Vardy against Arsenal) Does a team have a notable weakness? (E.G Leeds United against set-pieces) Does a team have a habit of conceding to a particular style of player (E.G Newcastle United and agile wingers) Is a player or a team in such good or bad form that a goal seems inevitable?

Live Betting

Live betting offers the opportunity to place many of the bets covered above, while the match is taking place. There are also other markets to try, such as which team will score the next goal. For those who like to see 'how the land lies' before placing a bet, live betting offers the chance to watch some action before you bet, or wait for certain odds to lengthen before pouncing.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting refers to a wager with a certain handicap imposed on it. For example, if one team is a heavy favourite before a match, a -1 handicap would mean that a goal is subtracted from their score at the end of the game, -2 is two goals, and so on. This is designed to lengthen the odds, offering a greater potential profit margin. is the place to make the football bets covered in this article, and many other types, too! Count on us for the best selection of football markets, all year round.

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Find The Latest Football Betting Odds

You can find all the latest football betting odds right here at You’ll need to register an account before placing your bets, and the good news is that we have a number of promotions to welcome new players.

When you’re ready, simply find the market and match that you’d like to bet on within our football betting area and take a look at the odds for all the betting options available. Alternatively, check out the rest of our betting guides