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Here at, we’re putting our best foot forward and providing a large number of betting markets with up to 76 main markets for the National Football League 2021/22 season. Providing players with the best odds, tips and markets available, you’ll be able to find everything that you’re looking to bet on here at If you’re a player who typically plays live casino games but wants to engage in sports betting, we have a wide variety of betting guides to teach you everything you’ll need to know about betting at Bet UK.

NFL Betting Markets in the UK provides odds on every single NFL game of the season. That’s a full 22 weeks filled with American Football, including pre-season games. That’s not even accounting for the Superbowl. With the UK interest in the NFL growing exponentially, especially with the introduction of the London games, is definitely the place to be for all your American Football related sports betting.

NFL Betting Types

Winner Bets

The ‘Winner’ bet is simple. It is a single bet placed on the team that you think is going to win.

Over/Under Bets

Over/Under bets are another bet type popular among those who have a steady grasp on the lay of the NFL land. Those who know the strengths and weaknesses of both offence and defence of the teams they’re betting on, often opt for this bet type. Having this kind of knowledge provides more value to betting than just having a single bet on who you think is going to win. For example, it is well known among NFL fans that the Cleveland Browns have been dubbed the worst team in the NFL (losing the majority of games in their 2017-18 season). If the Browns were to face a strong offensive team, such as the New England Patriots, it is more likely that there would be a lower amount of points scored than during an average game.

Spread Betting

Spread bets are the most popular form among the most experienced sports bettors as they offer stronger odds and better value. This bet type is based on how wide you believe the points margin will be between the two teams.


Handicap betting is the process of betting on a team to win by more than a certain amount. A common handicap for NFL is - or + 5 due to a touchdown being 6 points. This means that you’re backing a team to win by a touchdown or more at the end of the game.

In-Play NFL Betting

Live betting puts you on the betting frontline when the action begins. See what the form is like on the day before you make your decision. It's the perfect solution for those that like a bit of tactical betting. Alongside NFL you'll find Live In-Play betting for a variety of the world's most popular sports such as football, tennis betting and more! To see what's available for live betting each day head over to our Bet Live In-Play page.

Find tips for NFL betting

Looking for an expert opinion to back up your hunch for this week’s NFL action? Look no further than’s live NFL betting tips where you can find our top tips, statistics and everything you will need to make a calculated bet regarding your hunch.

Online Sports Betting at

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Match Betting with Live Casino

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