Top 5 Egyptian Themed Slots

Perhaps it's the mystery of a lost civilisation, or the intrigue and legends surrounding the first explorers to visit their tombs. Maybe it's the fantasy of being able to get one's hands on the riches of the ancient world? The truth is, no one is quite sure why Egyptian themed slots are loved so much by players, but it is hard to argue against their allure.

Here are our top five Egyptian themed slots:

Cleopatra Slot

The Cleopatra video slot is based on the well-known female Pharaoh of Egypt's Ptolemaic Age. The combination of her beauty and ruthlessness are legendary in the world of Egyptology. As for the slot game bearing her name, Cleopatra is a straightforward offering with wilds, scatters, and exciting free spin bonuses.

The strength of the Cleopatra game is the fact that free spins can be re-triggered multiple times, for up to 180 free spins per bonus round. Cleopatra is also an easy enough game to master for new players. It only takes a few spins to get the hang of betting, setting paylines, and using the game's other features.

Crown of Egypt Slot

Crown of Egypt features legendary gods and rulers from ancient history. The game's colourful symbols are very reminiscent of the golden era of the Egyptian Empire and include things such as male and female Pharaohs, the ba, and the jackal. You will likely recognise many of the symbols from history class.

Fans of Crown of Egypt appreciate the game's 1,024 ways to win. Rather than only being able to complete winning combinations with adjacent symbols in the same row, win ways allows you to create winning combinations with matching symbols that are on adjacent reels, regardless of their position. Win ways increase both winning potential and excitement exponentially.

Pharaoh's Fotrtune

This Egyptian themed classic is all about getting into Pharaoh's inner circle in order to win big. But getting into that circle means you must enter Pharaoh's tomb and face the risks of doing so. Pharaoh's Fortune is a 15 payline slot game with colourful graphics that include many of the hieroglyphic symbols most of us are familiar with.

Pharaoh's Fortune is by no means a complex slot game. Therefore, it is a great game for beginners. Players can choose the number of active paylines for each spin, determine their wagers, and even let the game spin for them.

Pharaohs Fortune also offers a free spins bonus and a picking game that can increase the number of free spins awarded. Best of all, additional free spins can be triggered within a round for a total of up to 999 free spins.

Treasures of the Pyramids

If you have ever been fascinated by the pyramids of Egypt and the riches they hold, Treasures of the Pyramids might be the best Egyptian-themed slot game for you. Rather than focusing primarily on the Pharaohs of Egypt, this game's theme is all about those elaborate and mysterious pyramids that the Pharaohs built to house their tombs.

Treasures of the Pyramids is a slightly more complex game featuring 40 paylines across 5 reels. Still, it is easy enough to master after just a few minutes of play. Users enjoy wild symbols, bonus symbols, scatter wins, and wild multipliers. There are even extra-large wild symbols that cover multiple positions on a single reel, making it possible to win on multiple paylines with the use of just one symbol. This game will captivate you from the very first spin, and keep your attention throughout.

Sands of Fortune

Lastly, Sands of Fortune is a game whose theme combines ancient Egyptian symbolism with a sense of discovery and adventure. It is rather hard to explain, but you will understand what we mean the first time you play the game. Sands of Fortune's symbols include the scarab, scorpion, and a number of other historical symbols you have likely seen before.

As for its extra features, Sands of Fortune offers a picking game that awards different prizes based on user choices. The game's Eye of Ra bonus also offers extra winnings through an award multiplier that can be applied to as many as eight consecutive spins.

Our top 5 Egyptian themed slots are all great games, which one will you play first?