What is a Progressive Jackpot Slot

The progressive jackpot mechanic has vastly grown in popularity among online slot developers, with many adopting the Jackpot King progressive jackpots into their games. It works slightly differently to your average grand payout as it is seeded by a predetermined amount each time a game is played and the jackpot is not won - it can usually be triggered randomly at any point during gameplay too.

What is a Progressive Jackpot

Written 29th October 2019

We can all agree that the thought of winning one of the most fruitful slot based jackpots is appealing to every player, right? But what exactly is a progressive slot jackpot? And what makes it different from a regular jackpot payout? Well, quite a lot actually. Progressive Jackpots present one of the biggest payouts on offer within the UK online casino landscape, and it doesn’t stop growing until it’s won. On the other hand, regular jackpot offerings tend to stick at one static, predetermined amount no matter how many players join the game.

Each time the reels of these games are spun, a percentage of the wager used to play is donated into a jackpot pool, alongside what is known as a ‘seed’ - the term ‘seed’ refers to a predetermined sum which is constantly added to a progressive jackpot until it is finally triggered.

How do Progressive Jackpots Work?

When you play casino games which feature a progressive jackpot, they are generally hooked up to a single prize pool which grows with every round that’s played. This means that the larger amount of players that are playing across all of the connected games will contribute to the respective kitty, growing the jackpot prize at a faster rate.

They’re called “Progressive Jackpots” due to the nature of their gradual pot development. Until someone wins the heavily sought after grand prize, the jackpot continues to rapidly grow over time. The volant growth and potentially valuable payouts are the key selling points of Progressive Jackpots and the casino games which host them - it’s easy to see why so many developers are beginning to adopt this mechanic.

What are ‘Non-Progressive’ Jackpots?

If Progressive Jackpot slots are where the big wins lie, why play anything else? This may be a question on many a player’s mind upon learning about Progressive Jackpots. Starting with what the definition of what a ‘non-progressive jackpot’ is - in basic terms, it is a jackpot which remains at a fixed amount and will not change regardless of how many times the game it is connected to is played. This is what sets it apart from a progressive pool.

It’s easy to slip into the mindset of thinking this makes jackpots of the Progressive Choice the more logical choice as, on the face of it, they tend to offer a higher potential win should the jackpot be hit. However, the odds of hitting a jackpot win connected to a progressive pool are much lower than that of scoring a non-progressive win. Although it is still not a guaranteed win, the probability is much higher even though the initial value is lower.

Top 5 Progressive Jackpot Slots on 21.co.uk

Here at 21.co.uk we host a collection of 35 brilliant online slots which all boast Jackpot King progressive jackpots as part of their gameplay, with some offering a bigger return than others.

Our epic Jackpot slot selection offers the chance at some huge potential payouts, with many of the games offering further features to enhance their gameplay such as free spins bonuses and extra valuable bonus rounds. Here are our top 5 in focus jackpot slots for players to start with:

Genie Jackpots

Genie Jackpots, the first installment in the Genie Jackpots slot saga, is one of the most popular online casino games amongst players and it’s easy to see why. The combination of the colourful, eye catching interface, unique theme and high winning potential is enough to catch players attention. 1% of each wager placed during the game is added to the Jackpot King pool, with an extra 0.1% added to an extra reserve pot, both causing the progressive jackpot to grow exponentially. Currently, players are in the running to receive over £170k should they trigger the progressive jackpot linked to Genie Jackpots.

Gold Frenzy

This mining-themed slot marvel offers a jackpot filled with enough golden nuggets to make the prospector jump for joy - as well as a hearty helping of bonus rounds, innovative gameplay and some stunning visuals to top it off. Offering an extravagant jackpot payout of over £1.5m to any player who may trigger and win the ‘Wheel King’ feature present within Gold Frenzy. Having seen this jackpot prize, we now understand why the slot is called “Gold Frenzy.”

Irish Riches Megaways

A visit to the Emerald Isle never seemed so grand, Irish Riches Megaways offers everything players look out for in a modern slot game. Gorgeous graphics? Check. User friendly interface? Check. Innovative gameplay? Check. Massively valuable potential payout opportunities? Big, fat check. Not only does this Irish-based beauty offer a staggeringly elevated 117,649 possible ways to win, each spin could be the chance for players to get their hands on over £1.5m if the Jackpot King Progressive Jackpot is triggered - that’s enough to make the leprechaun green with envy.

Pixies of the Forest 2

After the success of the first installment, it’s no surprise that online gaming heavyweights IGT returned riding on the coattails with Pixies of the Forest 2 - this time presenting players with a familiar and popular theme with the addition of even more bonus features and an equally valuable winning potential. This slot offers prospective players the chance to hit a win of up to £2.7k due to its extensive jackpot pool.

Play the Best Jackpot Slots at 21.co.uk

These 5 slots are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to games offering big jackpots and engaging gameplay - our repertoire is bound to hold something for everyone, whether you like a pop-culture focus like Mars Attacks or you’re a bigger fan of the classic fruity gameplay as showcased in Fruitinator.

Many gaming developers are beginning to dip their toe into the pool of Progressive Jackpots, building their games with this mechanic as the main feature and it’s easy to see why. We think players can expect to see many of their favourite slots being re-released to boast this feature and we’re not mad about it, welcoming progressive jackpots into our online casino family. Browse the rest of our collection of live casino games too to see if there’s any of your old favourites already boasting the Jackpot King sums.