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Crazy Time: The ‘Evolution’ of Casino Game Shows

Recently, the online casino landscape has witnessed a big change in the types of games people are logging in to play, with many people finding their casino-based curiosity leading them to a new-fangled type of game that is so different to anything we’ve seen before. Live game shows have swiftly become one of the most popular types of gameplay in the world of online gaming, with a number of different developers specialising in and spearheading titles in this newly emerging theme - but none do it better than Evolution Gaming. Since their release of Live Dream Catcher, Evolution has nigh on taken over the game show sector of casino gaming and have presented some of the most innovative and popular titles in this genre to date. With the hotly-anticipated release of their latest addition Crazy Time, we here at 21.co.uk thought it would be a good time to take a trip down memory lane and take a look at the titles that shaped the ‘Evolution’ of casino game shows.

The Origin of Game Shows

Many of the casino games we’re familiar with do not hold a contemporary origin, in fact, many of the biggest games such as roulette, dice and slot games stem back for decades and even centuries before the existence of casinos. Plenty of the games we play on our phones or desktops, and many other aspects of gambling, have been carried through countless different civilizations, namely the Greeks, Romans and the Egyptians to name a few - and have been recorded as a known pastime throughout much of human history, right up until the present day where online casinos make it more accessible than ever before.

However, in recent years the gaming sector has made a shift into a more modern, technologically-focused way of creating new titles for players to try their hand at. Instead of simply reskinning and regurgitating the same table games and slots time and time again, developers are bringing a vast array of new and innovative ways of betting and gaming that utilise elements of classic casino games, completely new aspects that are designed to bring a whole new level of engagement and the familiarity of TV game shows that have captivated audiences for decades.

As it stands, roulette has provided the inspiration and basis for so many of the best known game shows in the worlds of both TV and online gaming, with the coloured wheel showcasing different segments appearing as the hallmark of the biggest games such as The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune and more recently Live Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live and Crazy Time, which presents players with a level of payout potential we’ve seldom seen before in casino games and appear as the most notable casino game shows in the business.

Casino Game Shows From Evolution

As we’ve previously mentioned, Evolution Gaming is one of the biggest pioneers when it comes to live game shows, creating arguably some of the best casino games available with their most notable titles being Live Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live and now Crazy Time - each presenting even bigger and better gameplay than the last. We took a look back through the timeline of these key Evolution releases to find out what makes each of these games so unique and exactly what each iteration has done differently to improve this already incredible genre of games.

Live Dream Catcher

One of their first-ever releases and arguably the biggest pioneer when it comes to show-style games, Live Dream Catcher, is one of the most recognisable titles from Evolution and is extremely popular amongst our players here at 21.co.uk. It perfectly marries the simple prize-wheel concept and the immersiveness previously pioneered by live online roulette and online blackjack games, putting players directly in the hot seat where you play to unveil some potentially tremendous wins. But realistically, Live Dream Catcher is a fairly simple game with no additional features that take place throughout the gameplay, the only bonus it offers is a number of key 2x and 7x multiplier segments around the wheel that can be multiplied together to form some potentially massive payouts - a stark difference for those players who are used to modern slot games that can have numerous on and off-reel bonus features to trigger.

Monopoly Live

Next in the lineup of Evolution’s most notable game show releases was Monopoly Live which took online casino players by storm. The developer, who at this point was already highly revered for making outstanding live casino games, had viewed the success they were achieving with Live Dream Catcher and worked to figure out how to make this hot game set up even stronger. Monopoly Live, much like its predecessor, runs its base game on the Prize Wheel mechanic, however, there are a number of fantastically innovative additions that elevate the gameplay to brand new heights. Replacing the multiplier segments that appear on the Live Dream Catcher wheel with Chance, 2x Roll and 4x Roll options and integrating a combination of both digital and live studio elements, Monopoly Live presents players with a deeply immersive bonus feature that replicates its namesake amazingly. Should a spin of the wheel land in the 2x or 4x roll segments, you will be transported to take a virtual walk around a multiplier-adorned game board escorted by Rich Uncle Penny Bags who has been known to lead players to some extravagant cash prizes.

Crazy Time

Their latest release was one of the most highly anticipated games to come out of Evolution’s developing studio. Crazy Time was announced to be released in June 2020 earlier the same year, promising players an extremely unique gameplay experience with it being described as “the craziest, most fun live casino game ever created” by Evolution Gaming themselves - and it did not disappoint. This game takes every single aspect players have grown to know and love from Live Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live, as well as an element of slot machines with the 2-reel slot that determines an additional multiplier that is added to a randomly selected segment, amped it up and added even more bonuses to be discovered - maintaining the multipliers that found notability in Dream Catcher and combining them with the off-wheel-style bonus feature that made Monopoly Live so distinguishable, then multiplying that by 4. Crazy Time offers players 4 fabulous bonus features to trigger that each take place off the Prize Wheel and in their own respective area of the gameplay arena, giving players even more to play for each time you decide to spin.

What’s Next For Live Game Shows?

There’s no debating that this genre of games is swiftly becoming one of the most popular, especially amongst our players here at 21.co.uk. Each new release that comes from the brilliant minds of Evolution Gaming brings with it something completely different for us all to experience, changing the approach to casino games in a brilliantly innovative way. Following the release of Crazy Time, like so many of you, we’re excited to where is next to go with live game shows and just what this unbelievable title will inspire in the future.

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